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How to Stop Living from Pay to Pay

just can't seem to get clear of your bills?

.Earn OK money but never seem to have any left over?

.Need help to get your debts off your back?
.Looking for a book on how to fix up your money life that talks to you and not at you?

.Well, you've got the right book!

In Greg Smith's latest money masterpiece you'll find ripping yarns, valuable how to's and plenty of helpful advice on how to get you out of the pay to pay cycle.

In fact, this book is just like having Greg sit down right next to you and chatting with you one to one about your money issues. He writes the way he talks, so get prepared for a good old chin wag and easy to read a book that you feel like you are actually having a conversation with. Not only is it relevant to you, it's down to earth, informative and at times funny.

Greg has written this book straight from the heart, as he knows all too well how it is to live from pay to pay as he candidly shares his story over the last ten years - showing that anyone (no matter what their income) can fall into the pay to pay cycle. As you will discover the key is to know what to do to get yourself out. And that's where this book comes in. Here you'll discover how to build up a whole stack of knowledge that will tell you what to do and how to do it. Plus be inspired to build your confidence with money.

No more scrimping and scraping or going without just to make it to the next pay day. Simply follow the easy to understand and implement advice and you will very quickly master how to break that vicious pay to pay cycle.

This book is going to have a huge impact on your life as you'll :

• Discover the psychological and external factors that influence your approach to money and help you understand why you do what you do with your money.

• Get greater direction in your life (or get you back on track) by learning how to identify the sort of goals you want to achieve (be they personal, professional and financial). And then find out the all important keys to putting action plans into place to make things happen.

• Find a method of managing your money flows that suits your day to day lifestyle so that you finally get a good handle on where every cent is coming from and going. Sounds like fun huh? There are also online spreadsheets to make calculations easy.

• Work out whether you are a 'Drunken Sailor, Greedy Grabber, Therapist or Entertainer' when it comes to you Spending Mindsets and learn how to improve your spending patterns on food, clothing, shelter, education, health, to travel and entertainment.

• Knock over your debts in times frames you could have only dreamed of using Greg's 'Debt Buster Program.

• Reacquaint yourself with the fine art of saving and wealth accumulation and learn how to develop a set of passive income streams that will ultimately give you the freedom to one day say 'ta ta' to your boss (in the nicest possible way of course!).

• Learn how to deal with those Money Monsters (ie unexpected bills, fines, loss of jobs etc). and 7 Deadly Money Sins (greed, envy etc) that can destabilize your delicate money balance.

• Also learn how to keep a good paperwork system and build a solid money team to keep you on track and your finances in good working order. As Greg says "the more time you spend on your money the more money you will have to spend!"

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Millennial Media, Inc., the industry’s largest and fastest-growing mobile advertising networks company, and luxury lifestyle fashion brand Stella McCartney announced their collaboration to develop and introduce a distinctive mobile advertising campaign for holiday shoppers throughout North America. The campaign, which launches today, and continues through the end of January 2009, represents the fashion designer’s first foray into mobile marketing. In addition, the initiative plays a critical role in the company’s holiday-focused integrated marketing efforts, which also include print and online advertising, direct mail, in-store, point-of-purchase signage, channel marketing, and public relations programs. Created and implemented exclusively by Millennial Media, the campaign seeks to build awareness and consumer interest for the Stella McCartney spring and summer 2009 collections, while concurrently establishing a significant presence for the Stella McCartney brand on the mobile Web.The collections feature pieces with Stella McCartney’s signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence, and sexy femininity. The effort is specifically targeted at modern and style-conscious shoppers. “Stella McCartney is a luxury lifestyle brand, and this partnership, through a unique and unconventional campaign, is geared towards further strengthening the brand’s presence to a wider audience,” said Stella McCartney. “This initiative enables Stella McCartney to target, with a new approach, fashion consumers in the U.S., while also being true to the brand’s efforts in environmental responsibility since the campaign is digital and avoids any wastage.” “With in-market competition and global demand for luxury goods at unprecedented levels, the world’s most respected designers and luxury brands are recognizing that old-fashioned marketing tactics are no longer the most viable means of engaging target audiences, particularly in a world dominated by online and mobile device usage,” said Paul Palmieri, president and chief executive officer of Millennial Media, Inc.“As result, cutting-edge fashion houses such as Stella McCartney are readily embracing and committing to fresh, new initiatives, including mobile advertising, to strongly differentiate their brands and product lines from an increasingly-crowded field of luxury goods purveyors.""Moreover, mobile offers the added benefits of exceptional brand interaction and engagement through its ability to create distinctive, highly-personal user experiences, all of which other mediums cannot specifically offer to same extent.” For the launch of the campaign, a series of distinctive banner advertisements will be prominently placed on various mobile Web sites within Millennial Media’s premium mobile advertising network. This network is the largest in the U.S. with over three billion monthly impressions across more than 2,000 quality sites.

As consumers visit news and information sites on the mobile Web, they may click on any Stella McCartney banner to be immediately transported into an interactive fashion experience that closely replicates window shopping via a mobile device. In addition, the initiative offers shoppers an easy-to-use mobile store locator to pinpoint the closest Stella McCartney retail location, and a feature for subscribing to future news and information updates from the Stella McCartney brand. The primary product focus of the Stella McCartney business continues to be its successful core women’s ready-to-wear collection, but in recent years, the company has focused on putting in place the foundations for strategically important partnerships with specialists in their related domains. The company has also invested more heavily in the development of its accessories collections, while still respecting the brand’s principles to avoid use of leather and other animal products.


About Stella McCartney ..

Stella Nina McCartney" (born 13 September 1971) is an English fashion designer. She is the daughter of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his first wife, rock photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney.

Early life
Stella McCartney was born in London, the second child of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney. She is named for her maternal great-grandmothers: both of Linda McCartney's grandmothers were named Stella. As a young girl, McCartney travelled the globe with her parents and their pop group Wings, along with her siblings: older half-sister Heather (who was legally adopted by Paul McCartney), older sister Mary, and younger brother James. According to her father, the name of Wings was inspired by Stella's difficult birth. As his daughter was being born by emergency caesarean section, Paul sat outside the operating room and prayed that she be born 'on the wings of an angel.' Wings toured from shortly after her birth in 1971 until 1980.
Despite their fame, the McCartneys wanted their children to lead as normal an existence as possible so Stella and her siblings attended the local state school in East Sussex. McCartney has said that while attending state school, she was a victim of bullying.
Stella McCartney became interested designing clothes at age 12, when she made her first jacket. Three years later, she interned for Christian Lacroix, working on his first fashion design collection, honing her skills on Savile Row for a number of years.
She studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the early 1990s. Her graduation collection in 1995 was modelled by friends and supermodels Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon and Kate Moss – for free – at the graduation runway show. The collection was shown to a song penned by her famous father, called 'Stella May Day.' The show made front-page news, and the entire collection was sold to Tokio, a London boutique. The designs were licensed to Browns, Joseph, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.
In 1998 she designed her sister Mary's wedding dress for her wedding to television producer Alistair Donald.
As a strict vegetarian, McCartney does not use fur or leather in her designs and supports PETA. Some of McCartney's designs have text that elaborates on her 'no animal' policy; for example, one of her jackets for Adidas says, 'suitable for sporty vegetarians' on the sleeve. Her father is also known for supporting PETA by protesting against designers who use animal fur, and those who wear it.