Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Year With a Beautiful, Smooth Body

2010 Year With a Beautiful, Smooth Body
LOS ANGELES, March 12 Though consumers have slowed frivolous spending habits, one thing they are still willing to splurge on are things that make their daily life easier. Saving time is often the next best thing to saving money, which is why Laser Hair Removal treatments are growing increasingly popular despite the emphasis on being frugal. The fact is that laser hair removal saves a tremendous amount of time and hassle, and it is an investment that lasts for years, even a lifetime. Unlike waxing, plucking, shaving or threading, once Laser Hair Removal Treatments are completed, patients never have to worry about the unwanted hair again. When the lifetime cost of monthly waxing services are considered, laser hair removal can actually be more a more cost-effective hair removal remedy as well. To ring in the New Year with a beautiful, fuzz-free face or body, the local Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute is offering patients great deals on laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal usually requires between three to five treatments to permanently eliminate the unwanted hair, depending on the individual and the desired location of laser hair removal. Each laser hair removal treatment takes only about fifteen minutes to complete, so a patient can conveniently have their treatment done during their lunch break. Laser hair removal treatments have no downtime and are virtually pain free as well - the only thing a patient has to lose is their unwanted hair. By purchasing Laser Hair Removal Treatments in packages, people who want to get rid of their unwanted hair can save even more money in the long term. Laser hair removal packages are a great option since all of the treatments can be set up at the time of purchase at regular intervals for a greater chance of permanent hair elimination. The minimum number of laser hair removal treatments required is three, since hair grows in three distinct cycles and must be treated while in a particular phase for removal to be permanent

A Fashionable Life:

A Fashionable Life: Isabel and Ruben Toledo
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A Fashionable Life: Michel & Sally Perrin

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A Fashionable Life: Entertain with Style

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A Fashionable Life: Rosetta Getty

Healthy lifestyle habits promotes by Malabon

Healthy lifestyle habits promotes by Malabon..
Malabon City joined city hall employees Monday in a walk for a cause to promote seven healthy habits as cited by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Local health officials said the project is part of the commitment of the city of Malabon to support the programs of the Department of Health (DoH) by carrying out an intensified information campaign on the seven healthy lifestyle habits namely, stop smoking; avoid alcoholic drinks and illegal drugs; eating low-fat, low-salt foods; eating high fiber foods; prevent hypertension; doing physical activity; and managing stress.
Under the theme “Arangkada naTin “To! Walk for a Cause in Malabon City,” the exercise was spearheaded by the DoH and the City of Malabon Health Office led by Dr. Isauro Garcia.
It started at 7 a.m. in two groups starting in Barangay Concepcion and the other at Malabon City Square.
The participating students and city hall employees walked for about half an hour in front of the City Hall to the beat of high-energy music.
The project to promote the seven healthy lifestyle habits will be held in selected venues at the 21 barangays in the city in coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd) and other agencies.
Garcia said the project is targeting about 1,000 Grade 6 students from public and private schools in Malabon City, and another 1,000 from fourth year students in the same schools.
The exercise was held is in coordination with various department agencies, like the DepEd, Barangay Councils, Mayor’s Office, General Services Department, Public Information Office, Budget Office, Treasurer’s Office, DoH-CHD-MM and DoH-1.
The DoH said it is imperative to direct public health efforts towards prevention of diseases through an intensified implementation of strategies to decrease the prevalence of such diseases.
The DoH cited the increasing mortality, morbidity, and disability from cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, stroke, heart disease), diabetes, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases which are associated with smoking, along with diet and unhealthy habits.