Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can you tailor a credit card to fit your lifestyle and keep you out of debt?

Can you tailor a credit card to fit your lifestyle and keep you out of debt?
Can a credit card fit your lifestyle?

If you're looking for the perfect credit card, don't just focus on the interest rate. It's the perks that make the difference.

Here are some tips from the experts on the perfect card for you depending on your stage of life.

First off, when it comes to credit cards for college students or recents grads they need to realize that they should only charge what they know they can pay off the next month or over the next few billing cycles.

The Sony Card from Capital One is a good one. It's starts off with the low introductory rate of 0% APR for the first 10 months, and it's rich in rewards points especially for tech products and items that'll go into that first apartment.

Another great card for the 20 and 30 somethings who love to socialize is the Citi Forward card. For those who go to bookstores, restaurants, bar, theatres, you get a lot of rewards points for all of that socializing.Five points per dollar spent. And you get extra rewards for getting your statements online and going paperless.

When it comes to credit cards for parents a great one is the American Express 529 College Rewards card because you need to thinkin about savings for your child's education. Two percent of your purchases are put aside into an account with Fidelity Investments and that goes into your child's college fund.

Finally if you have bad credit because of bankruptcy or divorce the Orchard Bank Classic Mastercard is great for starting over. It's not a traditional credit card. It's a secured card. You put up a certain amount of money, like $200, and that becomes your credit limit. It helps you to rebuild your credit rating, and it reports to the credit bureaus for you so when you make your payments on time it boosts your credit rating.