Wednesday, November 25, 2009

live a longer and healthier lifeMaking healthier ,choices,better life

live a longer and healthier lifeMaking healthier choices for a better life..........

Making healthy choices is the key ingredient to living a long and healthy life. To a large extent, we have control over how healthy our bodies remain throughout our lifetime. simple ways to stay healthy and add years to your life.

Breathe Fresh Air.

Drink More Water.

Sleep Between 6-7 hours Every Night.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables.

Restrict Alcohol Consumption.

Eat High Fiber Foods Daily.

Exercise Daily.

There are several important question people can ask themselves to help them live a longer and healthier life.

How many hours are you working a week? How much sleep are you getting? What time do you exercise if you do? What are the barriers for you living a healthy lifestyle?

You should also cook rather than eating out. Get eight hours of sleep and eliminate stress.

You need to eat a diet that rich and fruits and vegetables, high in fiber, low in saturate fats. I need to exercising at least five times a weeks.

These are simple life changes you can start to work on now to make big changes in health as you get older. be happy..& good luck..

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Monday, November 23, 2009

American Music Awards 2009

A lot of fancy footwork at the 2009 American Music Awards, which will go down in history for not one - but two -- celebrity spills: Adam Lambert's Olympic tumbling act and Jennifer Lopez's embarrassing stumble.

But there were also some fashion missteps on the red carpet and up on the stage.

Rihanna's mesmerizing Mummy bodysuit, Jennifer Lopez's blessedly padded Thierry Mugler mini- dress, Lady Gaga's "Alien" ensemble and Kate Hudson's Versace nip-slip dress come to mind.

Check out the Best and Worst of AMA the fashion and vote for who was hot and who was most definitely not.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Test your luck at Ozarks casinos

Unless you're a hunter or winter angler, the seasons for most popular outdoor recreation in the Ozarks is nearing an end.
But there's a baker's dozen of assorted options for indoor fun within easy reach of Springfield.
No, not museums. Not football games. Not holiday shopping excursions.
It's gambling -- with the added attraction of live music, golf and great eats.
Thirteen casinos of the Indian nation are just over the border in Oklahoma.
And if you've never taken this one-tank gamble on rambling westward-ho, you might be surprised at the entertainment value it guarantees, in more ways that just wagering for a bonus roll on the slots or a good poker hand.
They also offer live rock, bluegrass and country music performances --often with marquee names --and memorable overnight or weekend stays, fine-dining and a new golf course to tackle.
Then again, you may just want to ante-up some cash for a possible return on your money.
It's all there - just across the border.
Bright lights
While most every casino in the mix offers a mix of happy times, laughter, lights and whoopla, the Quapaw tribe's several-million-dollar Downstream Casino that opened in mid-2008 is a popular stop.
Settled near the Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma borders -- about an hour and a half from Springfield on a direct I-44 route -- Downstream introduced Las Vegas style to the region.
Its lighted 12-story hotel can be seen from I-44 and for miles on the inroads from all three states, and it offers dazzling lights, a mega-selection of restaurant, bar-lounge, slots and table games upon entry.
"We wanted to deliver the most exciting machines to this area and another challenge was to give people who entered the casino, the best gazing experience," says Bob Maritz, slot director at Downstream.
"We wanted people to be taken back by the entrance experience. In other words, when players come into a casino, they can stand anywhere, see the chorus of opportunities and go 'Wow,' because it's all about achieving that 'Wow experience.
Several of the casino venues offer up live musical entertainment on a weekly (some every day, others weekend or designated-day-only) schedule for their guests.
Some of them, in addition to the weekly live musical performances, cameo top-name-star on-tour concerts. Downstream, for example, featured Jewel in early November and Buffalo Run has Miranda Lambert on its concert bill for Dec. 5.
Both Downstream Casino and Resort and Grand Lake Casino offer opportunities for the folks in your group who might prefer to slice it on the course rather than dice it in the casino.
The overnight getaway
Buffalo Run Casino sports a hotel and if you are a Player's Club member, you can get a quite frequent discount on the price of an overnight stay; and Downstream Casino and Resort offers a Web site discount on an extended stay.
Mary Morris, of Miller said she enjoys her stays at Downstream and Shelby Sears of Springfield, wouldn't trade the super-stay at Buffalo Run.
Casual eats and fine dining
Almost every casino in this northeast Oklahoma mix offers some sort of snack/concession/casual eats relief, if you're looking for the ultimate in a novel fine-dining experience, head for Buffalo Run's Coleman House Restaurant, Stable's Club House Restaurant, Bordertown's Sisters Restaurant, High Winds' Sports Grille, Wyandotte's Twin Bridges Restaurant, Grand Lake Casino's End Zone Restaurant or Downstream's Red House Steakhouse

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Exclusive men's fashion in Macy’s

Exclusive men's fashion add to Macy's
About Macy's, Inc
Macy’s Inc., formerly known as Federated Department Stores, Inc., with corporate offices in Cincinnati and New York, is one of the nation's premier retailers. The company operates more than 850 department stores in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico under the names of Macy's and Bloomingdale's. The company also operates,
Macy’s Inc. will introduce an exclusive menswear line, dubbed Threads & Heirs, in March.

It will debut at 200 Macy’s stores and on the company’s web site,

Macy’s didn’t identify the stores that will carry the clothing.

Threads & Heirs will be produced by LF USA’s Oxford Collections, a subsidiary of a Hong Kong-based apparel company. It’s aimed at men aged 20 to 40.

The line will include shirts and jackets and range from $24 to $99.

The debut of Threads & Heirs is part of Macy’s strategy to offer exclusive clothing lines. In early October, the retailer announced it would offer an exclusive women’s sportswear line from designer Ellen Tracy.

Macy’s (NYSE:M), with corporate offices in Cincinnati and New York, operates more than 850 department stores in the United States.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Typical signs of work life balance

Typical signs of work life balance::Work Life Balance;;;;;;;;

•Feeling that you are merely trying to get through the day.
•Barely making it to the end of the week and feeling completely exhausted by the time you get home.
•Feeling that you are on the merry-go-round of life and just wanting to get off.
•Feeling like you are falling behind and never catching up in the game of life.

First, people that have work/life balance don't always have work/life balance. Think of it as a continuum from a 10 being "perfect balance" to a 1 meaning "total chaos." Where do you fall on that continuum most of the time?

change course

Rule #2 is that techniques that work for some may not work for others. Analyzing your present situation is the beginning step in the process toward wholeness.

Setting Goals

Rule #3: balance comes from answering a series of questions about yourself on a regular basis. For example, am I clear about my personal, professional and play goals? If you are not crystal clear on your goals, you will only get mixed results. The fourth rule is that achieving work/life balance is incremental. There are really no silver bullet solutions. There are only minor tips and techniques that have a cumulative effect if implemented.

I recommend that you examine the four stages of the work/life balance process. In the first step, Self-Assessment your objective is to answer the question, "Who am I?" You will want to reflect on your skills, values, interests and priorities. Writing down your thoughts and ideas is an excellent way to start. Share your ideas with a professional or someone you trust to be your "accountability buddy."

Next, comes the Exploration stage. Here you want to answer the question "Where am I going?" You will want to come up with your goals that match the information gained in the first stage. You will need to be clear about your personal definition of success. I suggest you have goals in these areas of your life: faith, family, friends, finances, fitness, fun (yes, fun), future career development, and finally further learning. What investments will you make in these areas?

Third is the Implementation stage where you answer the question "How do I get there?" Here you are developing a strategic action plan to obtain your goals on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Make sure these goals are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-sensitive. At the end comes the Evaluation stage when you determine what went right and what went wrong.

a few tips that Usefull for you

Visualize your ideal life - dare to dream and write down the top ten things you want to accomplish on your "life list."
•Write down your personal vision statement and mission statement - it will help you see where you are going in life.
•Turn off the television - studies show that it creates depression. It is a passive activity that won't give you energy.
•Limit Internet time - set better boundaries so that technology does not rule your life.
•Pursue your passion persistently - own it and be disciplined in achieving what you truly desire out of life.
•Keep a journal - it will help you on a regular basis to stay focused on what is important to you.
•Every weekend set a goal of doing one fun activity.
•Define your daily exercise time - what works best for you, 30 minutes in the morning, afternoon or evening?
•Go to bed a half hour early and get up a half hour early - this allows you to carve out additional personal time.
•When confronted with a choice, ask yourself: What's the cost? Will this add to my life or create more stress?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Make your life enjoyable and stress free....(Lifestyle management)

Make your life enjoyable and stress free...firstly pray GOD.
then ...all
Streamlining one`s living pattern and priorities of life is perhaps the most significant step that one can take in order to sidestep stress and its effects. The first thing is to set one`s body clock right to get around crippling stress-effects such as sleep disorders, bowel disorders, nerve perturbation and hormonal dysfunction.

To minimize the effect of stress one has to help oneself to a good sleep. The human body is designed for sleep to come effortlessly. When sleep comes with an effort it is obvious that we`re holding on to the day`s stresses and reaching out for tomorrow`s as well.

Apart from adjusting one`s lifestyle to one`s body clock, effectively managing time is also an invaluable skill in coping with stress. Knowing when to take the load and when to offload, often goes a long way to maintaining a healthy and balanced existence.

Effective Time Management
Effective time management and living in an organized way can save us from nagging day-to-day stressors. We just can`t keep count of missed or procrastinated calls to the doctor, a friend, a relative or a business partner in a day. Many don`t have the time for family and social commitments, which often results in anxieties and relationship tensions. A bad time manager invariably ends up a much-harried one at the close of the day. Getting organized in various fields of life—be it a holiday trip, household, office or management of children`s affairs—can be a sure step towards avoiding stress.

To get yourself organized in life the following points can prove vital:

• Be Flexible.
There is always more than one solution to a problem. One should be flexible enough to accept alternative solutions and experiment with them. It doesn`t help becoming anxious, depressed and staying screwed, if one`s dream formula for a problem didn`t work.

• Be Realistic About Your Ability.
It does help to set realistic and achievable goals?long term or short term, in life. The targets should correspond to one`s capability to achieve them. Making unrealistic demand on oneself and others is a sure way to invite stress.

• Prioritize Your Tasks.
Prioritizing the tasks on hand can help reduce the challenges in completing them. Putting time and energy to important tasks and breaking a big task into smaller steps makes things easier. When one finishes one thing at a time and is able to meet one`s responsibilities in time, the effect can be inspiring.

• Do Not Baulk At Delegating Responsibility.
Delegating responsibility when it is appropriate, prevents emergence of stress. When one has several tasks at hand and puzzles over how to go about them, assigning smaller tasks to others can work wonders. This can be done both in office and at home.

• Learn To Be Assertive.

Practicing to be a little more assertive or learning to say `no` when required can prevent you from taking up extra tasks which can eat into your precious time and energy. We often come across a housewife at home or an executive in office putting themselves under unwelcome stress by taking more than what they can handle.

• Keep A Time Planner.
Keeping a time planner ready helps going about one`s task systematically. The listings should be scheduled on a day-to-day and priority basis. It is, also, important to allot a little more time for each schedule to avoid working under strain and anxiety.

• Take Planned Breaks From Work.
Whether a quick 5-minutes break or a 5-day long holiday, the breaks might offload the after-effects of stress in us. A jaunt to a spa or health resort goes a long way in refueling our stress resistant capabilities.

Effective Communication
Effective communication is key to the success of all kinds of relationships. Stress—the real `bug` in our lives, generally comes from the interaction with others and demand from modern way of living. A hiccup in communication at any level is most likely to lead you into a stress situation.

Learning to say no, developing interpersonal communication skills such as listening to other`s views and providing effective and timely feedback is key to effective communication.

When your ideas and attitudes are effectively communicated to people around, you may find yourself in a win-win situation in every sphere of life-family, workplace or social gathering. This can save you from unnecessary misunderstandings and consequent tensions.

Look younger,Feel younger & Stay young..

Keep always young. Youngness can your world green & more green.........
Look younger
A man typically greets those first wrinkles with an anxious frown, which in turn produces more wrinkles. Indeed, the effects of age first show up on our faces, especially around the eyes. In a recent study in Ophthalmology, 47 young adults had their eye movements tracked as researchers presented them with images of older adults. When asked to determine the ages of the people in the photos, the study participants focused on the eye region, particularly the brow and lower lids. If you want to fool the kids, the best thing you can do for your skin is to wear sunblock with an SPF of 30, says Cameron Rokhsar, M.D., a dermatologist and laser surgeon. The best block is Anthelios; it's the only sunscreen that contains mexoryl, a powerful drug that protects your skin against UVA rays. But that's just the start.

Stay young
If you want to see your 85th birthday, limit your alcohol to two drinks a day. This may make you less likely to die of cardiovascular disease, according to Japanese researchers. And make one of those drinks red. A recent review in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research suggests that resveratrol, a compound commonly found in red wine, may prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease. As you savor your pinot, swallow these other stay-young secrets.

Feel younger
Don't want to lose your marbles later? Lose some calories now. German researchers recently found that eating less can reduce markers of inflammation and insulin resistance, which are suspected risk factors for cognitive decline. Older study participants who cut 30 percent of their daily calories for 3 months were able to improve their memory on a word-recall test. Here are more ways to keep your youthful edge.

* Feel and look younger with these 52 ways to beat stress.