Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Are you living as healthy as you can?

You added fresh vegetables and fruits. You cut back on all the sugar and fried foods. You even gave up a lot of your caffeine and opted for health and sports drinks. You stopped eating fast food or ordering the greasy overloaded dinners at restaurants. You even carry your own home made lunch and snacks to work with you. You've changed the way you shop at the grocery store. Passing by the fatty foods and heading directly for the organic and fresh foods.
Then you started exercising. When you don't have time to go to a gym,or can't afford it, you started doing some isometrics at home and work. You take the stairs instead of the elevator. You park at the end of the parking lot and walk the distance.

But what have you done to make your home a healthier environment? Research states that the air in our homes is much worse than the air outside, and that's even if you live in the city where pollution runs rampant. What can cause the air in your house to be so bad. For one thing, it is the fact that the house is closed up all the time. You should open your windows once in awhile. Fresh air is wonderful for you. Of course if you do live in a congested area, and there is a smog problem, you will want to do it on a day when they determine that the air quality is up.
Your house should be aired out as often as possible. Even if you have central heat and air, all they are doing is circulating, cooling or heating the air that is already inside the house. That means that all the stuff in that air is getting recirculated all the time. If you have an attic exhaust fan, it would be great to turn that on when you are airing your house out.
Vinegar and water is great for washing your counter tops, rinsing your dishes and washing your floors. A little baking soda on a wet rag will work just like a cleanser will in the bathroom, and leave it smelling fresher. Some slices of lemon in the bottom of your trash container will help keep it smelling fresh.
Set house plants around in each room. They take in carbon monoxide and release oxygen. They are great to look at and at the same time help to clear your air. Keep litter boxes on the back porch, or in the basement.
healthy living & healthy food only can give you happy life..