Monday, March 15, 2010

Movies releases in 2010 ..

Movies releases in 2010 ..
.Solomon Kane
Good, retro 80s-ish sword and sorcery with a cast of familiar faces, a good build-up and decent action, with a tainted hero you can root for.
. Green Zone

For all its shaky visuals, Greengrass' Green Zone (sounds like a song title) manages to paint a vivid picture of how justification may have been fabricated for a "just war". Engrossing, when you're not fighting off motion sickness.
The Book Of Eli
At its heart, this is a movie about how faith can guide us through the most difficult journeys and past impossible circumstances. Kind of hard to reconcile that with all the butt-kicking that goes on, though.
Little Big Soldier
In Jackie Chan's latest action opus, he'd rather be a farmer than a fighter; the change of pace makes this wartime action-adventure all the more poignant.
14 Blades
What starts off a little muddled and messy soon becomes an intriguing, action-filled tale full of conspiracy, unrequited love and perforated organs.
Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief Greek gods and demi-gods in the heart of New York? When director Chris Columbus is involved, expect one of the best shows in the fantasy genre.
True Legend
Martial arts director Yuen Woo-ping returns to the big screen to thrill kung-fu movie fans.
Fame Fame
is a grown-up version of High School Musical with a little less gloss and plastic.