Thursday, February 10, 2011

HANNAH MONTANA Complete Final Season..........

"Hannah Montana" arrives on a 2-Disc DVD Set March 8, 2011, from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Specially packaged to include all 13 final season episodes, this exciting release also contains an exclusive alternate ending to the series finale; a series retrospective; cast goodbyes and an all-new collectible memory book; a Hannah Montana photograph with signature and much, much more . . . .

It´s the perfect tribute to the end of an era!

Giving fans of all ages the chance to complete their DVD series collection, "Hannah Montana Forever: Final Season"
beautifully concludes the laughter and fun of Miley Stewart´s (Miley Cyrus) high school adventures while also unveiling her big superstar secret.

For those who have followed Hannah Montana for four-plus amazing years and are ready to see how it all ends, Miley Stewart has found herself at crossroads during her senior year. After all these years, does she still have the best of both worlds? Can she continue her alter ego, Hannah Montana, or will she leave it all behind to be an ordinary girl? This exciting release invites viewers to come join Miley, Lilly, Oliver, Robby Ray, Jackson, Rico and special guest stars Sheryl Crow, Cody Linley, Dolly Parton and more as they bring the groundbreaking and beloved series to a close.

Debuting March 8, 2011, the collectible "Hannah Montana Forever: Final Season" 2-Disc DVD Set will retail for the suggested price of $29.99 in the U.S. and $35.99 in Canada.

The Global Retailing Conference (GRC) of the University of Arizona’s Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing announced its 2011:Fashion industry innova

Fashion industry innovators.
The Global Retailing Conference (GRC) of the University of Arizona’s Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing announced its 2011 lineup of 16 speakers – including some of the retailing and fashion industries’ most widely recognized innovators – who will present at the two-day event.

Among the speakers are design entrepreneurs Tommy Hilfiger and Martha Stewart, as well as senior executives from a diverse group of retailers that include Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, Crate & Barrel, Gilt Groupe, QVC and Walmart.

The conference will be held April 7-8 at the Loews Ventana Canyon in Tucson, AZ. Under the theme of “Inspiring Innovation,” presentations will bring to life the experiences of leaders who have succeeded in industries fueled by new ideas that capture the imaginations of consumers, as well as technologies that drive growth.

Speakers for the event are:

• Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman, President & CEO, Macy’s, Inc.
• Martha Stewart, Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.
• Mike George, President & CEO, QVC
• Alan Dabbiere, Chairman, Airwatch
• Javier Polit, CIO of the Bottling Investments Group, The Coca-Cola Company
• Barbara Turf, CEO & President, Crate & Barrel
• Raul Vazquez, EVP, Global eCommerce, Walmart
• Roberto Orci, President & CEO, Acento
• Ira Kalish, Director of Global Economics, Deloitte Consulting LLP
• Susan Lyne, Chairman, Gilt Groupe
• Jiri Nechleba, CEO, 4R Systems
• Michael Archbold, CFO, Vitamin Shoppe
• Jesse W. Curlee, President, Supima Cotton
• Claudio Del Vecchio, CEO, Brooks Brothers
• Jeff Elder, Vice President of Marketing, J.G. Boswell Company
• Tommy Hilfiger, Principal Designer & Visionary, Tommy Hilfiger Group

“Our Global Retailing Conference has grown over its 14 years to be one of the most compelling forums for presenting and sharing ideas that drive success in our very competitive business – both in North America and overseas,” said Terry J. Lundgren, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Macy’s, Inc., who will deliver opening remarks.

“The conference offers a unique opportunity to fuse the experiences of established retailing/fashion leaders with the energy of new ideas and perspectives that are being formed at the University of Arizona, one of the nation’s leading collegiate business retailing programs. This conference is a place where retailing executives, faculty, students, consultants and technology innovators learn from each other in an open and collaborative setting.”

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