Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have a criticism? Bring a Solution

Appear for the excellent in every situation.
As a person who has become mixed up in many activities within my hometown I often hear not only the respects about the community but the concerns as well. However, at this time it seems one sometimes hears more of the negative and a lot less of the positive. Now, I'm not saying people should never criticize but I have always been one that feels there is good in every situation and if you seek it you shall discover it.

Not only do I feel we can find good in every situation, I also believe that before voicing a complaint one must be certain to be fully informed on that matter. And with your concern be sure to bring a viable solution. We don't like to listen to our children whine and moan uncontrollably over nothing so why should we do the same? As adults we are here to set an example for our children and teach them how to become leaders within their communities, positive and productive leaders.When confronted within your household, do you always try to seek out a solution for the problem or do you just choose to scream and shout, expecting the problem to fix itself? More then likely your household runs much more smoothly when you think the problem through rationally, eventually finding a solution to your ordeal.Now I can't say that I totally agree with everything that happens around me but I can learn to either live with the situations or choose to do my part to change them. If I choose to live with the situation then I have decided I must just sit back and deal with what comes. However if I accept the fact that I can become a part of a solution I must strive to do what is right and good for not only my own family and community but for my country as well.

If you really want to make the world a better place, not only for yourself but for others as well, begin working with those who manage it and find out what you can do to create that happen.