Saturday, February 21, 2009

Information on nutritional diet plan for lap band Surgery

you should also you also have to consider that how to eat.
United States of America (Press Release) February 21, 2009 -- As everybody is aware with this fact that patient has to follow all prescribed instruction of surgeon strictly, after any surgical process. This step is essential for best results and faster recovery and is also applied in Lap Band Surgery, by which you can loose some mass form your body. Diet for Lap Band Surgery is one of those suggested fields. So, if you are also get treated by this surgery or consider for it then you can get plenty of information on this topic. If you are interested to get info on this topic, keep reading this editorial.
First of all you should know that during the surgical procedure of Lap Band Surgery the holding capacity of food of patient’s stomach is get reduced, after which it also can hold about four to six ounce of food. For that reason, you have to consume such things that have lot of nutritional value in each bite.
Eatables you should not eat:-
You have to keep distance form the eatables, which contain fats, fried foods, spices like pepper, takes time to digest, high fibers vegetables as like celery sweet potato and some more. On the same matter, hamburgers, steaks, pork, onion are totally banned after operation of the surgery. The fruits and vegetable that you eat should be deseeded and se-skinned before ingestion.
Eatable you should eat:-
As above mentioned that patient should consume the eatable after surgical treatment, which contain high nutritious value. So, one should be very familiar that what they eat. Medical practitioners advised to consume 50 to 60 grams of protein included foods regularly. Here, it is essential to use this amount of proteins to prevent from protein deficiency because lack of protein component in body causes muscle weakness, anxiety, hair loss, depression, anemia and even death.
Mostly, diet plan of patient changes form passage of time or you can also say that you have to follow diverge diet plan after Lap Band Surgery
Phases of diet plan:-
• Immediately after the surgery, surgeons only suggested liquid diet to patient like fruit juices, skimmed milk and so on but high calorie beverages like tea, coffee and other are prohibited. You have to take liquid diet for two or three weeks of surgery.
• After this duration, patient can go for pureed eatables like soft fruits, blended vegetables, meat and so on.
• From four to sixth weeks of surgery you can go to normal diet chart by going form soft eatables. But there are still some food items that are totally discarded for patients.


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