Monday, October 12, 2009

Love Can Happen With Expert Style

With Expert Style love..........

What you wear says a lot about you and your personality. We can all get lazy or lose our way with our image, but when you know how to look good, you’ll feel good too and that’s a winning combination when it comes to the opposite sex!

Colour Tips
Wear colours that compliment your colouring; when you put on your best shades you will instantly look healthy and energised. Certain colours send out different messages; think about the occasion and the type of man you are looking for/are with.
We think of red as the epitome of sexy in terms of colours, but it can come across as aggressive too – it might put off the strong and silent type. However, if it’s a gregarious personality who loves drama that you’re after then red is perfect.
Black can be mysterious and sophisticated but head to toe can appear aloof. Black doesn’t suit every colouring either and can make some look more Morticia than Madonna.
If you want to reassure them you are a calm, dependable customer then a trustworthy blue or a calm green will do the trick. That doesn’t have to mean boring though; you can still make it alluring by choosing the right style and fabric.
If your colouring can take it then soft pinks add instant femininity. Fuchsia pink (best on darker colourings) will have a similar effect to red.
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Style Tips
Dress for your body shape and your size; don’t squeeze yourself into that favourite sexy dress that is now a size too small. Wear clothes that flatter your figure.
Express your personality through your clothes, they are an extension of who you are and you’ll attract a partner who finds your personality type appealing.
If you’re vamping it up for a date don’t show cleavage and lots of leg together; leave something to his imagination!