Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Many German cities have so many different Christmas markets

Many German cities have so many different Christmas markets it's hard to tell them apart.

In some cities the markets take on the flavour of the section of the city they are in. That's also the case in Hamburg's St Pauli district, which includes the famous Reeperbahn red-light district.

The Christmas market there has the usual kitschy knick-knacks and gluehwein (mulled wine), along with a tent for adult entertainment where eroticism is the theme. The tent offers sex shows, pole dancing and, according to its website, a place to get hot, not just by drinking gluehwein.

The market is located at the city's Spielbudenplatz. When it opened on November 25 the guest of honor was Olivia Jones, a drag queen and important personality in the district.

Small breasts celebrated in new French fashion trend

Paris (dpa) - The popularity of extra large breast implants appears to be waning in France.

Trendy Paris fashion magazines are celebrating women with small breasts - such as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Paris Hilton and Keira Knightley - as style icons.

'The days are numbered for the popularity of large-breasted blond bombshells like Pamela Anderson,' one magazine said of the trend, which has been confirmed by cosmetic surgeons. 'Whereas 10 years ago cup sizes C and D were sought, today women are requesting a lovely size B,' said surgeon Patrick Bui.

Lingerie designer Chantal Thomass said the reason is that current fashions have tight and straight cuts. Sociologists add that, in times of economic crisis, society strives for things that are more natural and authentic, according to the magazine Madame Figaro.

Berlin club to close after noise complaints

Berlin (dpa) - The tradition-rich Knaack Club in Berlin's upmarket Prenzlauer Berg district will have its last hurrah as 2010 comes to a close.

The operators of the 58-year-old Knaack Club, one of the most established clubs in the alternative scene, say their decision to close is a reaction to public orders issued as a result of disputes between event organizers and residents who live near the club.

The orders require that events end by 11 pm and that noise from the club does not go above 25 decibels in the apartments of people who live nearby. The organizers say those stipulations are impossible to uphold. The last official concert was on December 4 when a punk- metal band performed.

London (dpa) - For some, it might be a high-point in practical footwear, for others, it's a combination of fashion horrors.

In London, the new style mixes soft sheep leather Ugg boots from Australia with trainers that have a curved sole that is supposed to tighten the buttocks and upper thigh muscles when women walk in them. The result is a boot made from a pelt with the sole of a shoe designed to promote toned legs and bottom.