Monday, November 8, 2010

U.S. adults may become obese by 2050.

Obesity Rates Will Hit 42% IN US..........
Study suggests the obesity rate in the U.S. may climb up to 42% in the next forty years.
In spite of actions for health and nutrition, a study reports that more U.S. adults may become obese by 2050.

Harvard University researchers predict that adult obesity rates in the country will increase continually at 42% until forty years later.

“It’s definitely true that the percent of obese people has slowed down,” said study author Alison Hill, a graduate student in Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, Biophysics Program. “But our results suggest it is not the end.”

The study was done through “social networks,” wherein it views the social network of a person as a crucial factor to the rise and spread of obesity. While this “social contagion” theory of obesity was initially found out to be untrue, as weight loss didn’t have much to do with social contacts, it has stemmed into another theory: “the more obese friends one has, the more he or she is likely to gain.”

“[So] One good take-home point is it’s actually in your best interest to help your friends lose weight,” Hill added.