Friday, July 10, 2009

Environment-friendly products keep you fresh all day

Extra Hygienic & Environment-friendly products keep you fresh all day & you feel more.. comfort.
Even without the swine flu scare, one should always be extra careful when it comes to places (and items) that are prone to bacteria and germ growth. It seems washing your hands with soap and water is not enough. Hospitals highly recommend 70 percent solution of alcohol to clean your hands and kill bacteria.

But what to do when you’re at the gym doing your workouts, yoga or pilates? As you all know, sweat attracts dirt, which brings with it bacteria. Young entrepreneur Sydney C. Go has put up Sevà Service just for this: “Ever since I can remember, during trips abroad with my family, I see myself drawn to cleaning agents. Perhaps, it has something to do with me being OC (Obsessive-Compulsive). I’ve always wanted to have a clean and green lifestyle, and figured it had to start with me.”

Sevà Service is a pretty young company, which started late 2008 with its star product, the Mat and Towel Refresher. It was initially used on mats, towels, and clothing before, during and after workouts or any activity that involves heavy sweating. But Go realized that there’s so much more you can do with her star product: “It’s a multi-tasking lifestyle product. It’s not just for people who do a certain sport, or exercise. It’s for a lifestyle you have chosen—so it blends with your needs, making life so much cleaner. It is also something you choose to adapt. From men to women, to children, Sevà understands your needs and is constantly coming up with products to fit varied lifestyles.”

With the overwhelming response of the public to Go’s Mat and Towel Refresher, she was inspired to come up with another product: the Sevà Athletic Wear Wash that was just launched earlier this week. It’s perfect for washing your sports gear as it banishes odor, eliminates stains and is color-safe, too! The Spring Bouquet scent is an added plus; and can be used for both hand and machine washes that make this anti-bacterial wash a must-have for every household.

Oh, and did we mention that both products are environment-friendly and non-toxic? Sevà uses plant-derived ingredients to make sure it’s safe on skin, even for babies

Your Business be supposed to Match Your Lifestyle

Your Business be supposed to Match Your Lifestyle
When people use the term "lifestyle business," they typically are referring to something small and even part time. I would disagree that every business should be viewed as a lifestyle business.
If you choose a business deliberately based on your aspirations and values, you can create a business that is an intentional reflection of the lifestyle you would like to live.

Your chosen lifestyle may be one of integrating your business skills with your passion to change the world. We call this a social venture. Your lifestyle in this venture would be one of sacrificing some of your own income and wealth potential in exchange for making the world a better place.
Your chosen lifestyle may be one in which you have flexibility to spend the time with your family, your church, your community, your hobbies, or travel.

Many entrepreneurs deliberately limit the growth of their business to allow them time to pursue interests beyond their business.

Your chosen lifestyle may be one in which you want to keep things simple. For example, one of my former students started a business that had the potential for significant growth. She could have added employees and even grown into other markets. But she had no interest in expanding or growing beyond the business she could take care of by herself. She did not ever want to have to add employees and face the complexities that arise with adding staff. Success to her was meeting her basic lifestyle needs through the income from her business, while keeping her life simple.

Some want fame, fortune
Your chosen lifestyle may be one of fame and fortune — of being willing to put your work ahead of everything else. This entrepreneur will need to seek out opportunities that provide wide open markets with significant growth potential.

Be deliberate in planning a business that reflects the lifestyle you want. And understand the trade-offs that come with the choices you make. There are always trade-offs.

High growth ventures offer high rewards of income and wealth. But they also come with the risks associated by pursing such ventures. Your income is more at risk, certainly in the short run. Your family will likely see you less often. And your hobbies and interests will take a back seat.

On the other hand, the decision to keep your business small can offer the ability to control your time and make it more flexible for other parts of your life.

But your income potential will be more limited and you will have to be content with passing up opportunities to add more products, move into other geographic locations, or maximize your share of the market. The key thing is to recognize that every business you start will have an effect on your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself. Know what lifestyle you truly want and then engineer that lifestyle into the business you build.

If you do not intentionally plan your business to meet the lifestyle you want to be living, the business you create can quickly dictate a lifestyle for you.