Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Starting Your Good Morning with Add joy & success

Everyday your life provide you new a new day and everyday has some purpose in your life.
Morning is an important event in every one's life that decides his or her day.
The idea behind wishing "Good Morning" is creating those positive emotions. It follows Law of attraction.
These are things you can do to add fragrance to your mornings:

1. When you wake up pray God for giving you this day and close your eyes and think about God for 2-3 minutes at least.

2. See yourself in the mirror, smile and talk about what you are going to do whole day.

3. Always try and make it a habit of managing yourself for the breakfast for your family.

4. Talk to your family about their day schedule that will keep you informed about your family.

5. Play some music that is calm and refreshing while you prepare for the day ahead.

"Have a nice day."

some life words.....

all your goals in a piece of paper and have a look at them everyday. Try and assess yourself everyday to find how you worked towards achieving your goals and what negative thoughts blocked your way. While constantly training and stressing yourself to work towards success and your goals you are attracting them towards yourself. You are generating positive energies that will make your whole body and mind work towards your goals.