Sunday, July 26, 2009

The height of fashion is Japanese humanoid robot

The height of fashion is Japanese humanoid robot it's designed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has made its debut as a catwalk model in Osaka.
The HRP-4C, who has been named Miim was wearing a wedding gown designed by Japanese bridal fashion designer Yumi Katsura.

As she progressed down the catwalk Miim told the audience how happy she was to be wearing a wedding dress for the first time.

Professor Yokoi Kazuhito, head of the team that developed the robot, compared his feelings to those he might have on his daughters wedding day, saying he was "really nervous".

The robot, which weights 43kg including its batteries, and stands at 158cm tall, walked around the 10m catwalk before turning and making its exit.

Model Wagatsuma Mayuka, who modelled at the same show, later observed, "if they can do the job with robots, then I'm in trouble!"

Friday, July 24, 2009

Europe's great travel secrets..

Brussels was just a nice place to stop and buy a waffle on the way to's a city of 1.8 million, the capital of Belgium, the headquarters of NATO and the political center of the European Union. It may be easy to skip as you zip from Amsterdam to Paris by train, but its rich brew of food and culture pleasantly surprises those who stop. Its magnificent grand square, rightly named La Grand Place, alone makes a visit worthwhile.
Brussels has its silliness, too. Its mascot is the Manneken-Pis, a fountain statue of a little boy who lives up to his name. You'll find him three blocks off La Grand Place, possibly wearing some clever outfit. By tradition, countries send him costumes from around the world. Cases full of these are on display in the City Museum on La Grand Place.

The Atomium, another of Brussels' offbeat attractions, looms on the edge of town. This gigantic, silvery iron "molecule" has escalators connecting the various "atoms," fun space-age videos and a view from the top sphere. If you're scared of heights or tight spaces, tell your friends you'll wave to them ... from the ground.

If you're hungry, muscle your way into a restaurant to order mussels in Brussels. They're served everywhere. You get a big-enough-for-two bucket and a pile of fries. Use an empty shell to tweeze out the rest of the mussels.
Belgium is split between Wallonia in the south, where they speak French, and Flanders in the north, where they speak Flemish, a dialect of Dutch. French-speakers have often dominated the national government, which irks the Flemish, who comprise about 60 percent of the Belgian population. The longstanding rivalry has made it increasingly difficult for the Belgian Parliament to form a stable coalition government. One prime minister recently said that Belgians are united only by the king, a love of beer and the national soccer team.

While the Belgians debate their unity, Brussels is the administrative center of the European Union. It hosts business people from around the world -- only Washington, D.C., has more lobbyists. When Europeans have a gripe, this is where they demonstrate. The European Parliament, a towering complex of glass skyscrapers, has 785 members representing 28 countries and more than 450 million citizens. Take the audioguide tour. It's exciting just to be here -- a mouse in the corner of a place that aspires to chart the future of Europe.

Located at the foot of the Atomium, MINI-EUROPE is the only park where you can have a whitlestop tour around Europe in a few short hours. A truly unique voyage ! Stroll amid the typical ambiance of the most beautiful towns of the Old Continent. The incomparable chimes of Big Ben welcome you to the heart of London. The gondolas and mandolins will invite you to discover the charms of Venice. Follow the T.G.V. from Paris to the other end of France. You can make the models work yourself : the eruption of Vesuvius, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the bullfight in Seville and many more… In total 300 models and sites in a quite unequalled craftmanship. Also don’t forget to visit the European Space full of interactive multimedia games.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

French president Nicholas Sarkozy spends £660 a day on flowers

French president Nicholas Sarkozy spends £660 a day on flowers..
A figure unearthed from the publication of the presidential accounts. (The Guardian reported the news of Sarkozy's annual flower bill of €275,809 on Thursday last week, but other papers seem to have picked up on the floristry angle today.)

Not even Elton John, the celebrity florist's best friend to date, could match that - he admitted spending £460 a day on flowers back in 1997. His excuse? "I like flowers" - and there's a whole book on Elton John's taste in blooms to prove it, too. Buckingham Palace, meanwhile, splashed £24,000 on flowers to decorate state rooms back in 2002.

Judging from the peaches-and-cream tree-a-like structure in the picture above, I am not impressed. For £660 a day I'd at least want some flower arrangements that don't look like something you'd buy from TK Maxx's home department.

But what do I know? It appears Britain doesn't really do extravagant spending when it comes to flowers (unless you're a popstar). On average we spend £38 a year - that's right, a year - on cut flowers, according to the Flowers and Plants Association, plus another £8 on houseplants.

Monday, July 20, 2009

11-year-old us boy sells his toys to help his family....

11-year-old boy sells his toys to help his family....
Zach McGuire is selling his toys to raise money for his family, which like others across the country, has bills piling up and a home in jeopardy.

The youth said the idea came up during a conversation with his father.
"You can't live in toys, or eat toys," he told CNN television affiliate WNWO. "Even though they are fun, you don't need them."

Zach plans to use the proceeds for a good cause: helping his unemployed father.

Tom McGuire, a licensed contractor in Toledo, Ohio, has not had a job since December. The economy is partly to blame, he said, adding that he did a job last summer and never got paid.

As the general contractor on the job, he said, he was financially liable for materials and the work of two subcontractors. "I'm out $30,000," McGuire said.

The father said he is looking for work and is not relying on money from his son's toy sales. But he appreciates his effort.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

U.S. teens are getting sex education

U.S. teens are getting sex education..
U.S. teens are getting sex education, but most are not learning about birth control from their parents.U.S. teens need better sex ed..

The Obama administration has been working to reform sex education and reproductive health programs in the U.S., including proposals to cut the funding for or to eliminate many abstinence-only programs favored by the previous administration, and new data released ..

The numbers show that U.S. youth need better sex education, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.The new administration of President Barack Obama has been dropping some of the more controversial policies of the former Bush government, including an emphasis on abstinence-only education."The data presented in this report indicate that many young persons in the United States engage in sexual risk behavior and experience negative reproductive health outcomes," the CDC wrote in its weekly report on death and disease.For its report, the CDC compiled data from many different studies of hundreds of thousands of children and young adults aged 10 to 25. Some of the findings:

* Among 18 and 19-year-olds, 49.8 percent of girls and just 35 percent of boys had talked with a parent about methods of birth control.

* More than 80 percent of boys and girls said they had received formal instruction before age 18 on how to say no to sex.

* Nearly 70 percent of teen girls and 66 percent of boys had received instruction on methods of birth control

.* Thirty percent of girls aged 15 to 17 reported they had engaged in sex; this rose to 70.6 of girls aged 18 to 19.

* For boys, 31.6 of those aged 15 to 17 had ever had sex; 64.7 percent of those aged 18 to 19.* Nearly 10 percent of young women aged 18 to 24 said their first intercourse was involuntary.

Infections with the human immune deficiency virus that causes AIDS rose among boys aged 15 to 19 from from 1.3 cases per 100,000 in 1997 to 2.5 cases in 2006

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MAGIC, the world's largest fashion trade event,

MAGIC, the world's largest fashion trade event.
MAGIC and Fashion Snoops Join Forces to Provide Critical Fashion Trend Perspective
MAGIC Selects Leading Fashion Forecaster to Develop Trend Galleries, Seminars and Guides that Support Visitors in Making Smart on-trend Buying Decisions
Sourcing at MAGIC provides exhibitors direct access to the largest concentration of buying power in the United States and offers educational seminars presented by the world's most influential industry leaders. Fashion Snoops has been working closely with The MAGIC Marketplace and Pantone to develop a new concept of multi-faceted, multi-media trend areas and guides to educate buyers and exhibitors on upcoming fashion trends for both Spring 10 and fall/winter 2010/11. The partnership kicks off with new trend specific forums.

"In today's economy, making the right buying decisions is more crucial than ever," says Chris DeMoulin, MAGIC International President and Executive Vice President of Advanstar's Fashion Group. "Teaming up with Fashion Snoops, a world leader in tracking and analyzing global trends, allows us to provide our visitors with clear trend guidance to make better choices while at The MAGIC Marketplace and beyond."

The key elements of the trend forums include:

The Galleries: A multi-media rich lounge setting within Sourcing at MAGIC featuring key lifestyle trends and their projected effect on upcoming fashion trends in themes, colors, fabrics, finishes, and more.

The MAGIC ColorCard: Fashion Snoops and Pantone will create the show's official color card, The MAGIC ColorCard, featuring the key colors for Fall/Winter 10-11 for women and men. The card will be presented and available for sale during the show in the following locations: The Galleries and the Pantone booths located in the publication area at the men's show and the women's show.

Seminar Series - Building on the trend galleries and The MAGIC ColorCard, Fashion Snoops experts will provide crucial information to Sourcing at MAGIC attendees and exhibitors.

Sourcing at MAGIC

Sourcing at MAGIC provides exhibitors direct access to the largest concentration of buying power in the United States and offers educational seminars presented by the world's most influential industry leaders. Sourcing is a critical supply chain component and it is incredibly useful for exhibitors and attendees to have all of this under one roof. This saves time and money because we do the work for them by connecting branded apparel & accessory companies, importers, designers, and product development teams with apparel manufacturers, fabric & trim suppliers, print design studios, and service providers from 40 countries. Plus, we give the development divisions insight into trend projection for the next season and the entire next year. This is accomplished through the presentations of over 600 companies.

MAGIC International
Every August and February, the fashion industry converges in Las Vegas for the most influential event in the business - The MAGIC Marketplace. The August 2009 MAGIC Marketplace will run from August 31 - September 2. For up-to-date exhibitor listings, seminar scheduling, travel support and registration information, please visit

Fashion Snoops
Fashion Snoops is a global online forecasting service and consulting company. As your partner in style, Fashion Snoops delivers timely, directional and comprehensive trend guidance from an international team of over 50 fashion editors, trend experts and researchers. Fashion Snoops was founded in 2001 by a group of design and style experts led till today by Lilly Berelovich. The company is headquartered in New York with sales offices around the globe., the company's flagship online forecasting service It is used by hundreds of leading brands around the globe in the markets of women's Wear, juniors/youth, denim, intimate wear, menswear, accessories, children's wear, lifestyle/home, licensing, media and more. Fashionsnoops.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


For good & healthy life.......What's attractive?
Men consistently preferred the images of women who were thin, seductive and "confident." Translation: scantily clad and posing suggestively.

Women, in turn, showed weakness for muscular subjects, but often disagreed on how attractive the men were.

"Men tend to agree about twice as much as women do," said Dustin Wood, lead researcher and assistant professor of psychology at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

Prof. Wood said the results speak to divides in the way men and women compete for potential mates, and also to the mounting pressure women face to conform to certain aesthetic norms.

"The fact that men agree so much means that there are great rewards for having those characteristics, and possibly great punishment for not having them."

The study was published in last month's issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and co-authored by Claudia Brumbaugh at Queens College in New York.

The participants were gay and straight, and ranged in age from 18 to 70 years old; the people they judged were 18 to 25 years old.

Participants rated photos of 100 men and 100 women on a 10-point scale, from not at all to very attractive. Before the participants cast their judgment, the research team rated each photo on how seductive, confident, thin, sensitive, stylish, curvaceous (for women), muscular (for men), traditional, masculine, feminine, classy, well-groomed and upbeat the subject looked.

"Some of the guys are really looking hard at the camera," Prof. Wood said. "Other guys have their shirts off. Other guys are wearing sweaters and they look like the nice guy you might know at church."

Prof. Wood said his findings echo those in the field of evolutionary psychology, that men need to invest more time and energy in attracting and then guarding their mates from potential suitors. Women, meanwhile, go not just for looks, but also status markers (wealth and authority), commitment and sensitivity - "characteristics that indicate that the man is going to invest a lot of resources and time and not abandon them."

In theory, women are left with better pickings because they're not all competing for the same beefcake.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Environment-friendly products keep you fresh all day

Extra Hygienic & Environment-friendly products keep you fresh all day & you feel more.. comfort.
Even without the swine flu scare, one should always be extra careful when it comes to places (and items) that are prone to bacteria and germ growth. It seems washing your hands with soap and water is not enough. Hospitals highly recommend 70 percent solution of alcohol to clean your hands and kill bacteria.

But what to do when you’re at the gym doing your workouts, yoga or pilates? As you all know, sweat attracts dirt, which brings with it bacteria. Young entrepreneur Sydney C. Go has put up Sevà Service just for this: “Ever since I can remember, during trips abroad with my family, I see myself drawn to cleaning agents. Perhaps, it has something to do with me being OC (Obsessive-Compulsive). I’ve always wanted to have a clean and green lifestyle, and figured it had to start with me.”

Sevà Service is a pretty young company, which started late 2008 with its star product, the Mat and Towel Refresher. It was initially used on mats, towels, and clothing before, during and after workouts or any activity that involves heavy sweating. But Go realized that there’s so much more you can do with her star product: “It’s a multi-tasking lifestyle product. It’s not just for people who do a certain sport, or exercise. It’s for a lifestyle you have chosen—so it blends with your needs, making life so much cleaner. It is also something you choose to adapt. From men to women, to children, Sevà understands your needs and is constantly coming up with products to fit varied lifestyles.”

With the overwhelming response of the public to Go’s Mat and Towel Refresher, she was inspired to come up with another product: the Sevà Athletic Wear Wash that was just launched earlier this week. It’s perfect for washing your sports gear as it banishes odor, eliminates stains and is color-safe, too! The Spring Bouquet scent is an added plus; and can be used for both hand and machine washes that make this anti-bacterial wash a must-have for every household.

Oh, and did we mention that both products are environment-friendly and non-toxic? Sevà uses plant-derived ingredients to make sure it’s safe on skin, even for babies

Your Business be supposed to Match Your Lifestyle

Your Business be supposed to Match Your Lifestyle
When people use the term "lifestyle business," they typically are referring to something small and even part time. I would disagree that every business should be viewed as a lifestyle business.
If you choose a business deliberately based on your aspirations and values, you can create a business that is an intentional reflection of the lifestyle you would like to live.

Your chosen lifestyle may be one of integrating your business skills with your passion to change the world. We call this a social venture. Your lifestyle in this venture would be one of sacrificing some of your own income and wealth potential in exchange for making the world a better place.
Your chosen lifestyle may be one in which you have flexibility to spend the time with your family, your church, your community, your hobbies, or travel.

Many entrepreneurs deliberately limit the growth of their business to allow them time to pursue interests beyond their business.

Your chosen lifestyle may be one in which you want to keep things simple. For example, one of my former students started a business that had the potential for significant growth. She could have added employees and even grown into other markets. But she had no interest in expanding or growing beyond the business she could take care of by herself. She did not ever want to have to add employees and face the complexities that arise with adding staff. Success to her was meeting her basic lifestyle needs through the income from her business, while keeping her life simple.

Some want fame, fortune
Your chosen lifestyle may be one of fame and fortune — of being willing to put your work ahead of everything else. This entrepreneur will need to seek out opportunities that provide wide open markets with significant growth potential.

Be deliberate in planning a business that reflects the lifestyle you want. And understand the trade-offs that come with the choices you make. There are always trade-offs.

High growth ventures offer high rewards of income and wealth. But they also come with the risks associated by pursing such ventures. Your income is more at risk, certainly in the short run. Your family will likely see you less often. And your hobbies and interests will take a back seat.

On the other hand, the decision to keep your business small can offer the ability to control your time and make it more flexible for other parts of your life.

But your income potential will be more limited and you will have to be content with passing up opportunities to add more products, move into other geographic locations, or maximize your share of the market. The key thing is to recognize that every business you start will have an effect on your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself. Know what lifestyle you truly want and then engineer that lifestyle into the business you build.

If you do not intentionally plan your business to meet the lifestyle you want to be living, the business you create can quickly dictate a lifestyle for you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Natural beauty of Banglasdesh...

Bangladesh beauty ..SPECIAL
Places of Tourist Attraction........
-Cox's Bazar
Cox's Bazar is charmingly situated on low range of sand hills between the Baghkhali and the Bay of Bengal with a long open beach towards the sea. The town is named after lieutenant Cox, who died here in 1798 after he had established a colony of Mogh who sought shelter in British territory after the conquest of Arakan by the Burmese two third of the population of the town are descendants of these refugees. Miles of golden sands towering cliffs, pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful seafood this is Cox's Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Having the world's longest (120-km) beach slopping gently down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. Cox's Bazar is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the country.


This is a typical Buddhist village, about 10km. from Cox's Bazar, on the main road to Chittagong, there are Monasnesties, Khyangs and Pagodas containing images of Buddha in gold, bronze and metals inlaid with precious stones. One of the most interesting of these temples is on the bank of the Baghkhali River. It houses not only interesting relics and Burmese handicrafts but also a large bronze statue of Buddha measuring thirteen feet high and high and rests on a six feet high pedestal. The wood carving of this Khyang is very delicate and refined. The village has a charm of its own. Weavers ply their trade in open workshop and craftsman make handmade cigars in their pagoda like houses.

10 kilometers by speedboat to the north west of Cox's Bazar and standing on a hill is the Moheskhali island. There is a 165 years old temple known as Adinath temple. With the interesting history of its discovery, it is a most attractive spot especially during the festive month of falgoon (march-April) when sea fishing near the Moheskhali Island is a rewarding experience.

Sonadia Island
Just oppsite across Cox's Bazar, this island is a paradise of migratory birds like petrel, geese, ducks, curlew, spine, reshank, lapwing, whim bird and other birds and water fowls. The western side of the beach is sandy and different kinds of shells are found on the beach.

18 kilometers south from the Cox's Bazar beach is a beautiful picnic and shooting spot. It is a continuation of the beach with background of palms and bamboo's. the famous "Broken hill" is a rare sight. Angling in the streams and ponds in the adjoining valley provides a lot of fun and excitement another charms is the "Christnas trees".


Inani about 32 kilometers to the south of Cox's Bazar and just on the beach, with the sea to the west and a background of steep hills to the east, in 210-14' N latitude and 920-03' E, longitude. It is only half an hour's drive from Cox's bazaar and an ideal place for hunting, sea bathing and picnic.

Whykong is about 39 kilometers to the north of Teknaf and 53 kilometers to the southeast of Cox's Bazar. There is a forest Bunglow on a small hillock commanding a fine view of the Naf, the parret island and majestic hill range of the Arakan beyond. This is an ideal place for hunting Shiker of all kinds.

80 kilometers south of Cox's Bazar is a pleasure spot on the West Bank of Naf river. A small town, it has arrangements for picnic hunting and boating. A trip by jeep to Teknaf from Cox's Bazar at dawn, is a rare experience.

St. Martin's Island
13 kilometers south west of the southern tip of the mainland, is a small coral island being fringed with coconut palms, varieties of rare sea shell, lime stones corals, and marine life like flying fishes, dolphins and sea tortoises.

Anxiety strikes?

How can i calm myself down when Anxiety strikes?
solve by Expert .........
(Expert answer),,,,Your very simple but poignant question suggests all sorts of answers, but also points to what a painful -- and sometimes terrifying -- thing anxiety is. I want to start my answer by tipping my hat to a reader from last week's column who gently took me to task for not giving enough credit to psychotherapy in treating even very difficult psychiatric conditions -- in this case, bipolar II disorder.

As with all psychiatric conditions or symptoms, there are three basic things one can do -- two that require a clinician's help and one that you can do on your own. Clinicians can offer medications and psychotherapy. On your own, you can work to change the things in your life that are contributing to the problem. That in a nutshell is the entire psychiatric world. Each condition and each individual will benefit most from some unique combination of these three elements.

Anxiety comes in many flavors, but in all instances, it tends to share one important thing in common: It is an internal sense of fear, discomfort, panic even, that is out of proportion to the events in the world that have triggered it. Sometimes, people can't even find an event upon which to hang the blame for their terrible, restless sense of unease.

Consider the following statements: "I need help. I get anxious every time someone pulls a gun on me." "I've got a problem. I had real panicky feelings that night I came home to find a robber in my house." "I've got to get a hold of this social anxiety. I was so nervous when President Obama picked me by lottery to come with him to help give the State of the Union address to Congress." We don't call this anxiety (we often use the word "nervous") because the feeling is appropriate to the situation.

The problem with anxiety is not that it feels bad. This feeling bad evolved to help us deal seriously with situations of real danger and to remove ourselves from these situations to the best of our ability. The problem with anxiety is that it is a worthless response to situations that aren't typically dangerous enough to warrant all the misery. And then, of course, the anxiety itself becomes a huge problem in people's lives. In a world of relative safety, very anxious people live as if they are constantly in danger.

can help blunt physical activity in brain and body that give rise to anxiety, and sometimes this is a necessary intervention. But psychotherapy is at least as good for treating anxiety and offers a couple of advantages.

First, a good psychotherapist can help us better understand why certain things make us anxious. Usually, the things that set us off represent troubles from our childhoods. Often these associations are not conscious, and making them conscious can significantly weaken their impact and give us control over them. If I had more words to spend on this piece, I could give you examples from my own life.

Second, a number of psychotherapeutic techniques designed specifically to treat anxiety do so by helping expose us gradually to those things that cause our anxiety. Variously called "desensitization," "exposure" or "extinction," these techniques are built upon the scientific discovery that if we learn to tolerate the things that frighten or bother us, the feelings subside and eventually fade. Not only do these techniques work, but they also provide patients with a skill they can continue to practice at home to deal with new sources of anxiety.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Value of Lifestyle ....

Live a Lifestyle of Value '''''''

Do you want to get the most out of your life? If your answer is yes, then living a lifestyle of value is essential.

Tips to live a lifestyle of value:

1. Build the habit of reading
Reading is a very effective way to supply value into your life. By building a reading habit, you will always have fresh ideas and concepts that can later be shared to others.
If you already have reading habit, you should bring it to the next level. This is what I’m doing right now. Though I love reading, my reading rate is not as good as I want. The action I plan to take to improve it is allocating special block of time for reading.
2. Learn from every experience
We will get much more value if we extract lessons from our experiences. Use every experience as a learning opportunity to add value to your life. Having this mindset allows you to minimize unproductive times since you make every moment valuable.
3. Learn from every person you meet
Similar to learning from all your experiences, you should also learn from all the people you meet. Everyone is our superior in some areas, so find those areas and learn as much as possible from him or her.
4. Live the lessons you learn
Learning new lessons is one thing, but applying them is another thing. It won’t do you good if you just learn a lot of new ideas without putting them into practice. The truth is, application often gives you much more value than just learning. You will discover a lot of new things you didn’t realize before.
Of course, this is easier said than done. Sometimes I even fail to apply the ideas I wrote on this blog. But application is something we should pay special attention to.
5. Think 80/20
To maximize the value you get in your life, you should apply the 80/20 rule: 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. We should then focus our effort on those 20% causes. This rule can be applied to all the points I wrote above. Let’s see some examples for each point:
ReadingDifferent books give you different value. So choose the top 20% books that give you 80% of the value. Then, for each book, find the top 20% parts and spend most of your time there. This idea can also be applied to articles.
ExperienceWhenever possible, put yourself in the top 20% experiences. For instance, let’s say you have six commitments right now and two of them provide the most value. The 80/20 rule says that you should focus more on those two commitments and reduce or cancel the rest.
PeopleChoose carefully the people you meet. While we can’t always choose with whom we meet, we can choose the people we spend most of our time with. Make sure that you spend most of your time with the winners of life, the 20% people that can give you 80% of the value.
ApplicationThere are so many good ideas out there, but we can’t apply all of them at once. If we try to do that, chance is we will fail. So start with a few things that will make the most difference in your life. Ask yourself: of all the ideas you find, which one will make the most difference? Then focus on applying only that one idea. Later, after you apply it well, you can ask the question again and start working on another idea.
6. Share what you have
We will receive more when we give. So, if you want to get more value, share the value you have to others. For me blogging is one way to do that. I can attest that by sharing what I learn through blogging, I myself receive much more. Sharing the value you get is an indispensable part of living a lifestyle of value.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Need for Change Childhood Obesity in the U.S.

Need for Change Childhood Obesity in the U.S.
According to a recent report adult obesity was shown to have risen in 31 states to over 25 % and correspondingly the childhood obesity also showed an increase wherein they have more than tripled since 1980.

The report from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released Wednesday showed that that child obesity rates are at an all time high across the nation. The report said that overall obesity rates have risen in almost half of the 50 states with Mississippi at number one slot with 32.5 % and Colorado the lowest at 18.9 %.

Scientists predicted the "perfect storm" that has brewed the overweight epidemic facing America's children today. Dr. Frank Chaloupka, professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago said, "We have in our schools and communities a perfect storm that will continue to feed the childhood obesity epidemic until we adopt policies that improve the health of our communities and our kids."

The TFAH report was based on data from 2004 to 2006 taken by the Centers for Disease Control. The study, covered 26,706 children this year, and concluded that only 37.6 % of the children weighed normal according to their height.

Health officials called the figures “tragic” proof of an obesity epidemic forecast affecting the health of millions, with increasing rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even limb amputations.

The study researchers said the reason was elementary-too little exercise and too many calories. Also the proximity of fast food restaurants in every neighborhood makes less healthy food conveniently available to children at all times.

Schools also contribute to the problem by making high fat, sugary foods and drinks readily available for the children. TV commercials promoting sweets and fast food were also found to effect the younger generation. A study of more than 200,000 ads of top-rated shows for teens aged 12 to 17 years, found more than 23 % of all ads were for fast-food.

Other factors which contribute to childhood obesity are cutbacks in physical education classes in school and the physical layout of towns that make walking and bike-riding dangerous activities. The researchers said 87 % of 13 to 14-year olds were required to take P.E. classes at schools, but in the case of 17 to 18-year olds only 20 % were required to take the classes.

Dr. Jeff Levi, Executive Director of the TFAH said, "There has been a breakthrough in terms of drawing attention to the obesity epidemic. Now we need a breakthrough in terms of policies and results. Poor nutrition and physical activity are robbing America of our health and productivity."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

StyleCaster is a new online platform ........

StyleCaster is a fashion platform that brings together fashion content, community and shopping
StyleCaster is a new online platform that provides individuals access to the world of fashion..StyleCaster, one of the fastest rising fashion-lifestyle websites, announced today the closing of its $4 million Series A round of financing. Internet entrepreneur Dan Gilbert led the investment round, which will be used to accelerate the StyleCaster platform's growth, including investments in world-class content creation, web-based and mobile applications, the continued growth of its advertising network, as well as international development.
From style tips optimized for each individual, the latest fashion trends, and a niche social network, to a large catalog of brand-name clothing and the ability to buy fashion items with just a few clicks of the mouse, StyleCaster combines community, content and commerce - and does so based on each member's personal taste and style.

StyleCaster is a member of Sociocast Networks, the foremost intelligent content delivery system, which enables StyleCaster to optimize the experience for each individual. Since StyleCaster's invitation-only private beta launch in February 2009, it has grown to more than 200,000 unique users per month.

"StyleCaster has the potential to truly revolutionize the fashion and lifestyle space," said Ari Goldberg, CEO and Co-Founder of StyleCaster. "We are excited to continue our partnership with Dan Gilbert as we build the next generation of intelligent and engaging experiences."

"StyleCaster offers both consumers and advertisers something that has to this point not existed - fashion and lifestyle content intelligently delivered based on each visitor's taste and style. The site, and technology, have the potential to revolutionize the e-commerce and content delivery experience," said Dan Gilbert, chairman and founder of Quicken Loans, Inc. and investor behind many successful new media ventures.

StyleCaster has already run advertising programs with some of the world's top brands. Advertisers have

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Achieve Positive Mental Health...

Achieve Positive Mental Health.....
Who do not want to lead a happy, healthy and long life? Everybody want to live a peacefull life..
What is positive mental health?
There is no certain thing is called as positive mental health. It’s just a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. And obtaining this state of mind depends upon several factors of day to day life. Few tips are given below, which can help you to inculcate the habit of promoting positive mental health even in your busy schedule life.
Healthy lifestyle is a pre-requisite to achieve positive mental health. Under healthy lifestyle, ‘eating good’ comes first. Now, you must be wondering how our eating habit is linked with mind. It’s a proved fact that our state of mind varies according to the type of food we consume. Always go for home-made food rather than fast food. However, giving the excuse of home made food, don’t consume high calorie, extremely spicy and rich food everyday. You can be excused for once in a blue moon, but not every day. Try to develop the taste of having food with less spices and oil (if you are fond of spicy food). It’s not impossible.
After eating, now you have to take care of your drinking habit. I mean to say your water intake habit. Try to have at least 8 glasses of water. If your occupation is related with any kind of physical exercise then increase the intake. Water is the substance, which detoxify your body and that eventually has a positive impact on mind.
The next step you need to take care is a bit difficult. But, it’s not impossible. Yes, you have to give up those bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking or any other bad habits. Just do it and see the difference.
In today’s life, stress is a part and parcel of our lives. So, whenever you are under stress, go for running or light up some candles, or take a hot water bath, it will help you. Try to inculcate these habits in you and your child. In few days, you will experience the result.