Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Style Icon David Beckham

You might wonder why David Beckham is standing next to Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles when he has a perfectly good wife. Well, these three were in a Pepsi commercial together back in 2005 so we'll let him off the hook. But the important thing here is how David so confidently wears a silk scarf and tuxedo blazer with his jeans and crisp white shirt. Simple and cool.


If the term style icon applied to anybody, it would most certainly be David Beckham. His sense of style such an inspiration to men around the world. It is no secret that he loves to experiment with fashion and hairstyles yet it doesn't diminish his masculinity one bit. In fact, it has made him all the more sexy and the subject of countless articles and magazine covers. He is living proof that it's not only okay for guys to care about the way they look, but it's cool to do so

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