Sunday, March 2, 2008

Barry Bonds’ testimony was finally revealed

Barry Bonds' testimony was finally revealed on Friday, after nearly five years since his December 4, 2003 testimony. The player is currently facing perjury charges, and his 5-year-old testimony could become part of the case if Bonds is to go on trial.

According to the testimony, Bonds says he had never knowingly taken performance-enhancement drugs, and pleaded not-guilty, but now faces perjury charges. The player, who is now a free agent and is still looking for a team for the 2008 season, said the creams and lotions prosecutors said to be steroids were just something his trainer gave him to relief pain.

What the prosecutors are now trying to determine is whether Bonds was indeed not aware of taking performance-enhancing drugs, or was he trying to cover up for his friend and trainer Greg Anderson. "I don't think Greg would do anything like that to me and jeopardize our friendship," Bonds said.

It is well known that Anderson refused to testify in Bonds' case and had to serve one year in a federal prison for that. Bonds said he didn't think Greg would have been capable of giving him any steroids, and furthermore, they never even discussed such a matter, although it is something that both athletes and trainers tend to bring up at some point in their discussions.

Bonds said in a posting: "This winter has been the first time in my career that I've had the chance to take time for myself and really enjoy the time off. I continue to work out and feel in great shape," the 43-year-old said, still hoping to find a team and reach the 3,000 hit mark, with just 65 hits left.

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