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Your Perfect LifeStyle can change corporate jungle and "rat race

Are you tired of the corporate jungle and "rat race"? Do you want to simplify your life? Now you can

You’re in your car on your way home from work. You are relieved, happy, and confident, because you just told your boss you’re not coming back.

No more bosses, no more nine to five, no more lousy salary, and no more "Rat Race".

The ride home with bumper-to-bumper traffic surrounding you, and several stoplights, doesn’t bother you one bit. Because you won’t have to do it ever again—no more commuting!

The money and time you save will be put to much better use—starting a new life.

In a nearby smaller city, you found a condo close to everything you love. First thing Monday morning, you and your spouse will be working from home. Your spouse will be telecommuting working on the Internet helping people save and make money with an international discount program.

You will have your own business, as a Fitness/Wellness Coach to local businesses. You also work part time at a nearby spa, conducting classes and consultations.

A relaxed morning with breakfast together is appreciated while you discuss your day. You have appointments with a couple local companies who want to set up health programs for their employees, then a talk with a local spa manager to conduct some classes. Your spouse reminds you that both of you have a meeting with a local council member to starting fundraiser to build a playscape. Your spouse will be on the Internet working all morning.

That evening you’re both invited to a neighbor’s for a "welcome to the neighborhood" dinner. There you meet some new friends who are involved in the community theater group. You and spouse are very much interested.

You and your spouse’s daily schedules are flexible to get involved in the community; social activities, arts, theater, and volunteering with the elderly and youth groups.

You are living your ideal life, close to home, just being together and planning for the future.

Yes, this scenario is possible. Hundreds of people are doing it.

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4 Simple Steps To The Good Life
Would you like to live the good life? This article shows you the four simple and incredibly powerful steps you need to follow to create a life filled with more achievement, prosperity and happiness than you could now imagine.

Enlarge ImageIf you want to create the good life -- a life filled with more achievement, prosperity and happiness than you could now imagine -- all you really need to do is faithfully follow four simple steps. Really.

By following these four incredibly powerful steps, you'll be able to create and attract whatever the "good life" means to you, be it optimum health, vast wealth or greater overall happiness.

Are you ready?

1. Define and Clarify Your Vision

Step one is simply to write down everything you would really love to have in your ideal "good life". Yes, write it all down and let your imagination flow. Ask yourself: "If I had all the time, money and resources and I could be or have anything at all in life, what would bring me the most happiness?

Think on paper. Develop a vivid and detailed description of what the good life would look like for you and put it down in writing.

Put a date at the very top of the page that's 2 or 3 years out in the future, but otherwise write out your good life description in the present tense, first person. Presume that it is guaranteed to happen but only if you could be crystal clear about exactly what you want and what the good life would look like for you.

Clarity is essential. You can't hit a fuzzy target or one you can't see.

2. Visualize and Feel It as Real

Here's step two. In your mind, project forward 2 or 3 years and create a clear mental image of what the good life looks like for you. Imagine the kind of life that would be ideal for you in every way. Visualize the end-result (and only the end-result) in your mind's eye. Get a clear mental picture of it.

Here's the key: As you visualize, enjoy the feelings you would have if you were already living and experiencing the good life right now. How would it feel? Feel your intention as if it's already been achieved.

As you visualize your ideal end-result you should literally be smiling as you relish the intense happiness generated by this 'virtual experience'. It should feel like you are radiating bliss from every cell of your being each time you close your eyes and visualize.

Spend five to ten minutes of quiet time every day visualizing your good life and feeling the happiness associated with it. First thing in the morning and last thing at night is ideal. Consistency and repetition gives this process amazing creative power.

3. Ask "HOW?"

Once you have a crystal clear vision of what the good life looks and feels like, continually ask yourself, in an open- minded state of wonder: "OK, now how can I achieve this?"

Think of this as an open-ended question to the universe.

Do not dwell on or worry about the fact that you don't know all the answers to this question. That's absolutely OK.

In fact, it's not your job to know all (or even any of) the "how's" at this point. It's much more important for you to clearly define your target. That is, to clearly define and describe the good life in your mind's eye in every detail and continually immerse yourself in the happiness it generates for you.

So just keep asking yourself "how" and be open to whatever insights and intuitive nudges you receive. Doing this will allow you to tap into your unlimited creative resources. The more you do this, the more insights, ideas and inspiration you will get to move you forward toward the good life you've envisioned.

4. Follow Through With Inspired Action

This is the action step. Trust and allow yourself to be guided by the insights, ideas and inspirations you receive. Resist the ego-driven urge to force things to happen. Instead, begin taking 'inspired action' to make your vision of the good life a reality.

What this means is you should do whatever you feel nudged internally to do -- and do it immediately.

So there you have it. You have learned in a few short paragraphs an awesome creative process that will literally magnetize you to whatever vision of the good life you've clearly defined. You'll be drawn to it and it will be drawn to you.

If you follow these four steps, you will literally begin to attract into your life the ideas, plans, contacts, resources and opportunities (many of them unforeseeable at the outset) you need to manifest your vision of the good life into reality.

And don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this process. The truth is always simple. It's our ego that loves to needlessly complicate things.

There's one caveat, however. Clearly defining your vision of the good life may take some time. That's perfectly natural. You need to figure out what the good life really means to you -- what it would entail, and what it would look, feel and taste like. So do take the time you need to get it perfect in every sensory detail.

Your vision of the good life has to be a 'perfect 10.' Once you've got that down, though, I challenge you to do steps 2 to 4 of the process daily for 30 consecutive days, without fail.

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