Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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How to motivate your mind
Human mind possess uncanny ability to conceive ideas and converting those ideas into its physical equivalent. Idea of an incandescent light bulb in Thomas Edison’s mind eventually created a light bulb. In the second century B.C.E. a young Indian boy of age 7 was told by an astrologer peering at his hand that he did not have lines on his palm for education. The boy without hesitation brought a knife and drew a line on his palm and asked “Now can you see the line ?” This young boy was none other than famous Panini who grew to become one of the greatest grammarians in the history of Sanskrit - making it so perfect that Forbes Magazine nominated Sanskrit as the most computer compatible language in the world !

It is then interesting to know how a young boy of ,reading experts ? If you analyze all of your activities during a day that caused stress, anger, lack of interest and sometimes hatred have one common thread. This common thread is lack of love, lack of passion for those activities. When we try to engage our mind in actions that are not self asserting with feeling of positivity, passion and deep rooted burning desire, our subconscious mind never gets motivated to trigger actions filled with positive energy. It is therefore utmost important to find what you love to do in life. It is therefore crucial to know your life purpose. Once you find your life passion or purpose, you can easily motivate your mind by conjuring vivid image in full color of the consequences. Write the passion and three goals that when achieved will fulfill your passion. Make copies of these goals and hand it to friends and spouse who can act as positive influence. Your mind will immediately feel sense of responsibility and self esteem to live up to the written goals. Think what will happen if you achieve those goals and ultimately achieve your life passion. What will happen if you do not ? Vivid imagination about the future has tremendous power to awake mind and awaken mind can achieve anything it desires.

In 1953, Yale university conducted a study of 1500 students. They were asked to write down on a piece of paper what they wanted to do and become when they grew up. In 1973, twenty years later, Yale tracked down these students to realize an astonishing fact. Out of 1500 students, only 3 percent wrote down their passion and goals and those student had more wealth than combine 97 percent students who did not. By writing their passion and life goals, these students awaken their subconscious mind to focus its energy akin to a beam of laser.

We all either fall into one of the two categories: Pleasure seeker or pain-avoider. Introspect and identify which category you fall into. If you are pleasure seeker, visualize beautiful images of the life pleasures that will make you happy. Constant rendering of these images will motivate your mind. If you are pain-avoider, think of pain induced by lack of action to achieve life passion and goals. Visualize the socio-economic impact for not taking action to infuse and imbue your mind with will and energy to get up and do whatever you have to do to achieve your life goals.

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