Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What you need to know for dummy

What’s Hot, What’s Not?
Clothing is very important in our society today. It has a huge impact on almost everything we do. Whether you are going in for a job interview, going to school, or just going out shopping, you will be judged by the clothes you choose to wear. It’s true that clothes aren’t everything, but a lot of the time they can make a huge difference. It’s also true that you may not be able to afford the latest fashions, but if you search around you will find something that’s in style and in your price range.
Have you ever gone out for a job interview, not been picked for job and had no idea why? If this has happened and you know that you have all the required skills, it could be because of what you’re wearing. This may sound a little weird but it’s completely true. If you go for an interview to be a secretary and show up in ripped jeans, a dirty shirt and a baseball cap, the chances are you won’t be picked. The people that are giving you the interview will likely think you aren’t “put together” enough for the job, no matter how perfect you could have been for the job. Although if you showed up in a suit, or a nice shirt and skirt and you had all or just a few of the required skills for the job, there would be a much higher chance that you would get picked for the job. So instead of showing up in a messy outfit, find something that will make you look and feel great and you might get the job sooner than you think.
Clothing has a big impact on how people look at you. You could have a really good personality but people aren’t sure how to approach you because of the clothes you like wear. Like I said earlier, clothes aren’t everything and your personality should count more, but this isn’t always the case. Some people judge others by the clothes they wear and might not even think twice about getting to know them if they don’t wear “the right” clothes. I know this isn’t always true, but lots of the time people just don’t think about it. Next time you think to put on those old those old jeans and old ripped sweater think about it for minute and ask yourself, “Will people approach me more if I’m wearing a nice shirt or my old ripped sweater” (no matter how much more comfortable you think it is). You don’t have to change your style completely but it could help to just tone it down a little bit. Before you leave for school or for the mall tomorrow think about what I just said and you could have a better time.

Is your trouble that you can’t afford all the new fashions? I think I can help with that. There are many stores that you can go to that won’t break the bank. If you have decided now that you want to change your look for an interview, going out, or just doing whatever, without spending a lot of money here are some stores for you. The first store (my personal favorite) is Garage. This clothing store is targeted at teen’s girls. Clothes here can vary in price from $5-$80. The clothing is always up to date with the latest fashions. There’s everything from long sleeve shirts to t-shirts to tank tops, skirts and leggings to jeans to winter jackets, you can even find a new pair of mittens or socks. The second store you could check out is Old Navy. They always have nice clothes here too, but these clothes are for any age. The prices vary from $10-$80. They have a big variety in their clothing, everything from clothing for babies, clothing for kids and teens, and men and women’s clothing too. In the summer they have bathing suits and flip-flops, and in the winter they have jackets and boots (fashionable of course).
The last store you could look at is American Eagle. It is true this store is a bit more expensive, but when they have a sale it’s pretty good and their clothing is for both male and female teens.
Clothing will always be an important thing for everyone. I hope the next time you chose to go for a job interview, out shopping, or to school you’ll decide to wear something a little nicer. If you take a little more time and put in a little more effort you could find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Always remember it
takes a little time (sometimes ).

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