Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The best things in your life, and your dreams will come true.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.
Always hold tight to believing in yourself, focusing on the best things in your life, and your dreams will come true.
One of the very best ways to stay positive, especially when it seems the world around you is making this a seemingly impossible task is to work as hard as you can to focus on your best attributes, all the positive things in your life, and your dreams and goals.
By choosing to direct your energy on the positive side of life you will find that you will attract positive energy into your life be it friends, career opportunities and even a significant other! It is no coincidence that Donald Trump is a success. He believed he would make millions, he believed that he would be a success and his energy propelled him to become what he believed he was; an influential billionaire who is admired and respected. This will be the same for your life.
Everyday, you are learning how to maneuver away from negative influences. Everyday you are creating a clearer picture of your ideal dream life. Everyday, the more you think about, visualize and take actions toward your dreams, they are formulating a crisper image in your mind and are becoming even more tangibly within your optimistic reach!

Walt Disney said it best:
“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
There is no such thing as failure.
And for all the many obstacles that have been placed in your path, the many times when you have fallen and have felt you could not get up another time, you did. Somehow you managed to do it. Somehow you found the strength within yourself, the belief that you are worth more than those who try to drag you down, more than those you do not believe in their own dreams. You have always known it because the beauty in your heart is limitless, timeless and as pure and giving as that of an innocent child. You have and can continue to maintain this purity of spirit. No one can ever break your spirit, no one.
Never let anyone jade your heart.
I have always believed that good people continue to rise and that their lives continue to progressively get better because as I stated earlier, like energy attracts like energy. And, when you believe in your worth, believe you deserve to be treated better, you will get this treatment back even if you have to struggle through many hardships; you will get all the beautiful things in life that you deserve. Believe to the end…
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