Saturday, January 17, 2009

Can help you enjoy life? after retirement, and eliminate some of the hassles.

Planning for retirement? Already retired? Or just thinking about it?

Today's retirement is very different than it was for earlier generations. For a growing number of seniors, retirement is a liberating experience filled with options never before available. Traditional retirement — a life of leisure in Florida, Arizona, Texas or another sunbelt state — is rapidly becoming an outdated concept.
Today's seniors are healthier and more active than those who came before us. In today's world, planning for retirement involves much more than just financial planning. Thoughtful planning of what you want to do with the rest of your life — whether it's starting your own business, part-time work, consulting, volunteering, mentoring, enjoying a variety of leisure activities, or a unique combination tailored to your needs — is the key to a happy and successful retirement.
Whatever your situation, Today's Seniors offers retirement planning tools, tips, news and advice about a wide range of topics written especially for seniors, including:
10 Insurance Policies Older American's Don't Need – Don't let your fears sell you insurance you don't need.
401k Retirement Plan – If you are still working, don't forget that you can earn free money for your retirement.
401k Contribution Limits – What are they this year? What are the "catch-up" limits for people age 50 and older?
Advance Directives and Living Trusts – What seniors can do now to prepare for their later years with greater peace of mind.
Bank Safety – Find out if your bank is healthy and safe ... or sick as a dog.
Beneficiaries – Are yours up-to-date? Or, will the wrong people inherit your money?
Credit Reports – Now, you can get a free copy once a year. But, why should retirees care?
Disabled Travel – As you've matured, your body may have given you obstacles to overcome, maybe a cane, a wheelchair or the fact that you aren't as nimble as you once were. But that doesn't mean you can't travel with the same sense of wanderlust you've always had.
Don't Retire, REWIRE! (2nd edition) – Especially for seniors, 5 steps to fulfilling work that fuels your passion, suits your personality or fills your pocket – whether you are already enjoying life after retirement, planning for retirement, or want a more enjoyable and fulfilling career. (We highly recommend this book.)
Find Unclaimed Money and Other Property – Is your money missing?
from A to Z – Resource Directory – More interesting and helpful Internet resources for seniors.
Glossary of Terms – Easy-to-understand definitions of the specialized terms related to retirement (including financial, insurance, legal and estate planning) and elder care.
Healthy Living – Helping seniors enjoy life after retirement.
High Rate Certificate of Deposit – New rate map. Find the highest CD interest rates in your neighborhood ... in your state ... or anywhere in the country.
Improve Your Quality of Life – products that eliminate some of life's frustrations – a TV volume regulator, TV Ears (a personal assisted hearing device), the Jitterbug cell phone (designed for seniors who want a hassle-free phone), and more.
Large Print Books – They can make reading enjoyable again. Here's a wide selection of novels, humor, non-fiction and bibles. Many also have an audio CD and/or audio cassette version.
Life Settlements – Another option that can help pay for your housing needs after retirement.
Medicare Benefits – FAQs, tips, and nasty surprises for retirees.
Medicare Prescription Drug Plans – What does Medicare's new benefit mean for seniors?
Men's Health – Improve your quality of life with impotence aids and male incontinence products.
Money – How much do you really need to enjoy life after retirement?
Patient Privacy – A frustrating 2-edged sword.
Pensions – Are any of your pensions missing? Many seniors can't find pensions owed to them from old employers that have gone out of business. Here's help.
Personal and Financial Organizers – Recommended by The Wall Street Journal for two consecutive years, these free personal and financial organizers are comprehensive, yet concise and easy-to-use – especially helpful for seniors and boomers.
Planning for Retirement – Your "to do" list for a smooth transition into retirement.
Prescription Drugs Interactions – Problems for senior citizens.
Replace Lost, Stolen or Damaged Documents.
Retirement Calculators – Will you outlive your income?

Senior Discounts – Includes money saving tips, strategies and special offers.
Social Security Benefits – When should you retire?– and more.
Symptoms – of major health conditions.
Working after Retirement – Whether it's a part-time job, volunteer work, or a second career, here's help to find work situations that are both financially and personally rewarding.
On the lighter side, we've assembled a collection of funny cartoon pictures, clean jokes, humorous stories, etc., in our Humor section.
We also let you know about the nasty little surprises – the Gotchas! – that companies, Medicare and government agencies often "forget" to tell you about. Most of the time, we give you straight, unbiased facts – we tell it like it is with no sugar coating. At other times, we offer our opinion. When we do, we tell you.
We hope your visit is rewarding. Send us an email to suggest other topics for us to consider, or to comment on the information we've included.

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