Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you believe in fate and destiny

Few years ago, a nice man that I did not know much about has involved into a car accident and passed away instantly at the scene. I have met him once through his friend's introduction at a company Christmas party. That were the first and the last time that I have met him. The second time I attended an occasion that involved this man was his own funeral. The fate that linked this man and myself was like when I was in my car driving and he was like another driver next to me at one point then I just took a quick glance at him as he drove pass my car. Ever since his death, I could not take my mind off this misfortune.
He was cruising his motorcycle going uphill when another automobile from the other direction crashed into him. His body was ejected from his motorcycle into a ledge of a hill and broke his neck. Two witnesses stopped their cars came to him and called 911. These two witnesses were destined to be the last people who saw him shortly before he took his last breath. At the funeral, during the eulogy, his wife had shown her appreciation toward the two observers for being able to tell her that her husband has died peacefully without any pain. She quoted these two witnesses as her husband's "angels."
What does the above story had anything to do with destiny or fate? May be destiny is an active process for a person to work toward his/her fate? Fate could be described as an outcome and a predetermined and invariant factor. I do not know if fate happens accordingly to a fixed time line; but it seems to me that it represents a passive pathway, where every single one of us somehow is destined to pursue. By saying these, I did not refer fate as something negative. However, I do think that fate is unavoidable or inevitable.
Some people think, "I am in control of my life and destiny." People do have free will which people get to pick the way they want how their destinies to be. However, no matter what the choices and the path they have chosen, the outcome would still has been the same. How many people were born with the imprinted code in the brain for saying his/her life purpose in this world? When an individual was born, he or she were born along with a fixed schedule. God or "the author of the universe" whomever you want to call was the one who is responsible for writing a real time novel – a predestined lifetime story for that particular person. I believe that people are destined to have a role in this world and when they finished with their mission, they can be excused. The fixed schedule represents the list of where, what, when, and how a particular person executes his/her action accordingly. This might be a very passive and pessimistic thinking but the concept makes sense to me. If you ponder about the belief that I just mentioned, you might agree with what I just said.
Life is a mystery. Who would know precisely what the real meaning of life is? At this point of my existence, I genuinely do not know. Perhaps, when the time comes where I will be closed to the end, then God might open my mind. When that moment comes, he will allow me sit down at his special "theatre" and allows me to watch my own memoirs – from the moment when I was born to the moment when my soul leaves its host.
People in this universe are united and are met each other by fate. Life is just like a big movie theatre and everybody has his/her own character to play. Since you cannot modify the fact, then might as well join and act along with them. When this world end, the movie is over, or should I say when the individual dies, he/she will leave with the movie forever. I guess all the relationships between individuals during this lifetime only last once - may be!

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