Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you live in victorious Lifestyle ?you must understand is that success it does not come automatically.

How to Live a Successful Lifestyle

It comes through the willingness to do whatever you need to do in order to get to where you need to go. And if you do not get it the first time what we must learn to do is we must learn to try try and try again. Nobody is perfect but we try.

Life it is full of problems it is full of difficulties but it is important that we are strong. That we learn how to hold on. And people will tell us oh your not good enough for this and your not good enough for that. But don't pay attention to them. Because people they are jealous they want to see you fail in life. But failure I won't take that I was born to succeed. I myself I have a disability there is a lot of things that I struggle with but even though I struggle with what I struggle with that does not mean I have to let my struggle overtake me. And I will admit it's difficult because at times I can be who you call Mr. negative. But i'm trying not to be Mr. negative. Do not let that stuff control you. Because God he has brought me from a mighty long way. I mean a mighty long way. If you just would look at what iv'e been through you would truly be amazed to know that God he has really and he has truly blessed me. Yes I still struggle but understand I don't want to let it control me. Some people catch on to things quicker then others. And in some areas of my life it is amazing because for me things come and things go. And a lot of my information a lot of what I have been taught it's left then other stuff it hasn't left. God I know is a healer and I know he can heal. And I believe that I can be healed and I will be healed. And one day everything it will be back to normal.

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