Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to explore for the mastermind outside You..

Have you ever wished to know why you are still struggling with your same life and why not anything is changed?
If you are the one who has gone during tough time and is stressed with life and do not know what to do then its time to engage in personal assessmen.

If you are the one who has gone through tough time and is struggling with life and do not know what to do then its time to take up personal assessment.
A personal assessment is judging oneself and knowing everything you should know about yourself.
So before you start please have a pen and a paper ready.
Ask yourself few questions, as given below and do as advised.
What you desire from your life?
What you want to achieve in this life?

Write whatever first comes to your mind even it seems unimportant.
Do take time to remember and recollect everything you feel you want from your life.
Next step is to do SWOT analysis.
Say you want to start your own organization then you should have good educational background, current market and economic status known, you must be financially sound etc...
In other words, you should know what your strengths and weakness are like wise opportunities and threats.
Know your strengths:
It is very important for you to evaluate your strengths related to your life.
According to your desire, you need to know your strengths.
So write down your strengths and carry on with other part of SWOT analysis.
.Know your Weakness:
As you have written your strengths now its time to be very open to yourself and without hesitation write down your weakness. Do not worry if your weakness turns out to be more then your strengths and this personal assessment is meant to change your weakness to your strengths.
.Know your Opportunities:
What ever you desire you should find out opportunity for it and grab those opportunity. Opportunity are sometime open and some time closed it is you who should change the direction of that opportunity.
.Know your Threats:
It would be wise to know the real aspect, which can affect your life, and to overcome it you need to have a handy tool to fight your threat as this is the best .

.way know it and plan it.
When you have written all the answers take time to plan and work on your weakness. As per example given above if, you want to start your organization and say you are not financially scoring then this is your weakness and so try to find out ways by which you can gain financial help or a loan. When you overcome your weakness, you can list it on your strength list.

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