Monday, February 9, 2009

A daily life can be managed much better

Daily life can be managed much better with a clear dream to life and resource management.

What Do We miss or Lose Every Day?
It is very vital to know we are, and what we are doing. Every night before I can reach to my house, which is half an hour away from my work place I have this mood that I have lost so many things, and gained so few things during the previous day. It has a bitter filling to know that you could have been better and you lost a lot of opportunities during the day. But last night it was more unusual. I did not think about the mistakes I had made throughout the day, I just stared analyzing what I could have done that I have not!

It started with what I had:

1. The time

2. The brain (I am not so much clever, but I can understand a few thing around)

3. The available budget

4. The friends of mine

5. People around in my work place

6. The tools I had (several fast computers, a huge amount of books, and digital libraries)

7. Experience

8. Health and safety

All and all I had many things around myself, but what I did, and what I gained where almost nothing compared to them.

Istarted analyzing my daily life’s mistakes, and it was like below:
I checked my email several times during the day as I was waiting for an important email, then I chatted with a few friends online about nonsense and useless things around. During the day I had to wait for one of the clerks, in the office for 45 min’s as he was talking to someone else. To continue of my current project I had to get some papers from him. I lost so much time, for nothing.

I did not use my brain to manage my time more efficiently, so I lost some more time on it. I did not think of a new method to do the project I was working for, so that I decided to find out how others have done it on the internet, I did not use my brain here neither and could not find a solution from the internet too.

Overall I was did not gain much thing from the day I had, lost one more day without a good outcome that can make me content about my life.


Personal continuity
In psychology (which historically is philosophically concerned with dualism), personal continuity, also called personal persistence, is the uninterrupted connection concerning a particular person of his or her private life and personality. Personal continuity is the union affecting the facets arising from personality in order to avoid discontinuities from one moment of time to another time.
Personal continuity is an important part of identity; this is the process of ensuring that the quality of the mind are consistent from moment to the next, generally regarded to comprise qualities such as self-awareness, sentience, sapience, and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one's environment. Personal continuity is the property of a continuous and connected period of time and is intimately concerned with a person's body or physical being. Associationism, or the method of how ideas combine in the mind, allows events or views to be associated with each other in the mind, thus leading to a form of learning. Associations can result from contiguity, similarity, or contrast. Through contiguity, one associates ideas or events that usually happen to occur at the same time. Some of these events form an autobiographical memory in which each is a personal representation of the general or specific events and personal facts.

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