Sunday, February 1, 2009

Improve one's life & Making Life Better

How to improve one's life.
Forever Pray Before You Doing Your Job
Praise the lord that he give you health and always give you beautiful day everyday. Wake up earlier then down on your knees beside your bed and start to pray to The One for starting a new day.

Always Smiling And Say Hello
Smile is the best medicine when you have problem. Smile can bring your heart more comfort. So, why don't you start smiling before someone smiling at you first. and don't forget to say hello to them.

For all time Positive Thinking
It's simple to think positive. But hard to do the action. Positive thinking is needed to make good relationship with people. if you always doing activity with positive thinking, then people will feel comfort near you. Positive thinking will affected with the word that you said to the people. More positive thinking, then more wise word that you have to solves people's problem.

struggle To Workout Everyday
There is no more expensive then your health. little workout everyday will make your health better. If you not like workout everyday, why don't you try to do it 3 times a week. After that you will see the result.

Eat Healthy Food
Everyone want to be health, but everyday people eat the Junk Food. This is very ironic. Start to consume more vegetables and fruits. it's good for your skin and the most important thing is you will far with heart attack.

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