Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life needs to be understand practically

Life needs to be understood practically before accepted physically.
Living Life Practically............

Often is it questioned, what is life all about, why are we here and what is it that we need to fulfill? We research deep into our own nature, seeking answers to the age old mystery of life. People reach this point of questioning mostly in the times in their life when things start to feel a bit of a strain or fight physically. They wonder why they have to achieve things and question what the meaning behind such physical limitation is.

We live in a world that holds to certain rules and structures. Born into it and taught by all that have already been before. Always are we told how it must be and what we should be doing, but never are we told why it must be or why we must participate at all? Even children are constantly being spoken to in a way that only provides no and yes answers, and never an understanding of why they need to experience things in such systems and structure.
There are stages of thinking that a person goes through in order to understand their position in life. They first have issues that arise and they must then confront physical limitation and constraint. Firstly they will fight against their perceived repressors words and rules, just like when a child refuses to do things when a parent asks of it. Even though the repressor might not always be pushing concepts and ideas onto a person for want of hurting them, mostly it is done out of caring and wanting for another person to fit into life. It is still when brought down to simplicity, a rule presented forth through another person’s beliefs and opinions on life. It is not until we reach the stage of adulthood that we realize how much this is evident, that what our parents always told us to do, is not necessarily the way we will choose to do it for ourselves.
Fighting against restriction is the first step we take on the path to understanding life and why we are here. We first confront our position in life and question why all things must take place, and why we need to participate in all the physical rules and structures in life. The next stage is when we realize that certain rules and structures when not met in life bring to us worse struggle than our defiance from wanting to participate. This is the stage that leads to depression for a lot of people, and when they reach this stage most often they will seek outside help for answers.
A lot of times these depression stages, when we have to acknowledge that we are living in life and that there are certain things that need to take place in order to survive, we really start to question our reality and why it exists. Most people reach this stage through certain steps within their life, but others reach this stage when great turmoil comes into their life, or dramatic life events. At these stages they will reach out to people that can help them through their emotional and mental problems and lead them on a path of finding happiness and contentment in their life.
It does not matter how much help we seek in life from others, eventually the understanding of our circumstances in life needs to be confronted individually. Although another person can give us advice that comes from their own choices and perception on life, it is not until a person deals with their own experiences emotionally and mentally before they come to levels of acceptance inside themselves.
Acceptance comes from understanding life at the most practical level. Seeing it through cause and effect rather than in have to and must do, knowing that we are already here and that we not only have the ability to think but also to physically experience life through perception in our bodies. This gives us a stepping stone to hold ourselves up on. The fact that we are here gives us every reason to participate in life and see it as an experience. If the experience were not meant to be, then surely it would not have a reason to exist. This shows us that we are the experience of life and reality, not the reason for it, but the effect from the cause.
Knowing that we are the experience of reality, both physically and mentally, helps us to understand and accept reality at all levels, seeing it as a playing field with so much potential and purpose. You could think of it in this way perhaps, if you had the choice between not existing or taking on animated existence that had so much potential for growth and experience, which would you choose? Would you choose nothing or a life of something?

Train Your Brain to be Positive Everyday
Everyday for 3 weeks, I wake up with a smile and say “I’m having a great day” and clap 3 times and shout “today is my day”. Until it becomes my habit; I got this information from my doctor when I was diagnosed with seasonal depression. And if works for me it will also work with you! My seasonal depression was gone 2 years after repetitive habits of optimism.
Do not allow negative thoughts to ruin your good start. You should refrain from thinking negative things because it can ruin your entire day, you can always shift by faking to be happy, later you just notice you are feeling great.

Avoid gossiping and avoid negative people. You know who those people who are pessimistic are; they are not good in your development and self improvement. If you want to be better in life; go with those happy and optimistic people. You can always choose your friends if you want the best for you.
Always think of abundance and manifest in your thoughts, words and actions. You should always implicate optimism with abundance. If you thought of good things, it will show in your actions and people will notice it and start treating you better and you can attract better people.
Divert your brain if you’re thinking of negative thoughts; you can find other things to avoid thinking of negative or dirty thoughts; be determined to think of always positive things.
Listen to yourself, know your limits and capabilities – don’t do too much when you know you cannot sustain. You shouldn’t force yourself from doing anything you do not like.
Listen to your fears and trick your sub-conscious – your inner child is like a database of all your experiences, it doesn’t want to make you feel sad or endanger you, that is why when there are new things that are similar to your previous experiences, your subconscious warns you. You can trick it by agreeing to it and explain later to yourself that you are having an unreasonable fear.

•Meditate and make it a habit – meditation makes your brain relax and blank. If you think you overworked your brain and your sense the stress and fatigue you can never form positive attitude, so meditate everyday or yoga is a good relaxing exercise.
Whatever ways fits for you, always remember people wants good things in life and you can only attract it if you are positive of wanting it, “Positive things, turn out to positive people”.

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