Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meanings of Numerology

What each number means when used in spirituality.
Numerology works with the energy of numbers in magickal understanding and influence. Most people do not realize how many signs and important messages they can receive from numbers. I think you will be surprised how much more you will notice numbers daily after looking at the meanings and implementing them in your own life.

1: Singular and whole, leadership, independence, new beginnings, success, originality, dominance, linked to the sun and the element of fire.
2: Polarity, yin/yang, relationships, duality, balance, union, choice, god/goddess, linked to the moon and the element of water.
3: Creation, art, mother energy, manifestation, social issues, fertility, home, self-expression, linked to the planet Jupiter and the element of fire.
4: Solidity, control, stability, foundation, the world, grounding, linked to the planet Uranus and the element of air.
5: Change, adaptability, intellect, adventure, imbalance, freedom, risks, self-indulgence, linked to the planet Mercury and the element of air.
6: Harmony, working together, potential, beauty, love, wisdom, devotion, linked to the planet Venus and the element of earth.
7: Spirituality, mysticism, solitude, intellect, philosophical, dreams, intuition, linked to the planet Neptune and the element of water.
8: Knowledge and strength, abundance, flow, infinity, regeneration, wealth, dedication, persistence, linked to the planet Saturn and the element of earth.
9: Ultimate expression of energy, compassion, spirituality, universal awareness, courage, selflessness, linked to the planet Mars and the element of fire as well as spirit due to the extreme spiritual energy that surrounds this number.

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