Monday, February 23, 2009

Men need to pick best style

Whether you're trying to channel the rumpled, Brit rock-star look (a la Chris Martin, perhaps), the David Beckham dad-on-the-go vibe (roomy jeans, work boots, white tee -- that expresses hip opinion -- and a toque) or the jet-set guy who toggles between tailored glamour and basketball-court casual (George Clooney, you middle-aged babe) -- it's about finding your footing and sticking with it. So if you feel like you're caught in a rut but still need to keep the budget in check -- accessorize. Man scarves, newsboy caps, aviators, vests -- anything that adds a guy-ish garnish will go a long way without looking like you're trying too hard. And remember to only rock one (maximum two) at a time. The best guy dressers keep it simple, slick and loaded with sex appeal.

Children with severe peanut allergies given small daily doses of peanut flour were able to build tolerance to the nuts, according to a study. The small trial aimed to slowly build immunity to peanuts in people with the common allergy, the team at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge said on Friday.

Keeping the good looks at all sizes

When large women walk into a clothing store, they generally don't expect to find something that fits them -- let alone something that is stylish and affordable. "Most large ladies simply can't find clothes in regular shops," says Jennifer Hill. "Most of the specialty stores get really expensive." This is why Hill decided to open the Sidney Fashion Exchange in Victoria. "As soon as we opened the doors we were busy . . . We have more than 900 consignors and the majority of our customers are regulars," she says. While plus-size fashion is on the rise -- with more designers expanding their size range and fashion maven Anna Wintour singing the industry praises --come by.

GQ’s Top 10 Most Stylish Men In America
1.Justin Timberlake (Pop Star, Actor, etc)
2.Mark Ronson (DJ, Producer)
3.Alexi Lubomirski (Photographer)
4.André Balazs (Hotelier, Scene Magnet)
5.Kanye West (Pop Musician, Aspiring Designer)
6.Sid Mashburn (and staff) (Haberdasher, Southern Gentleman)
7.T.I. (World-class MC)
8.Glenn O’Brien (GQ’s Style Guy)
9.Jason Schwartzman (Actor, Indie Rocker)
10.Ed Ruscha (and son, Eddie) (Artist, L.A. Icon

Do you agree with the list? Noticed now GQ consciously avoided picking other obvious names in the Hollywood and Music biz besides JT, Kanye and T.I.?

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