Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do you want Looking Younger and Healthier?

keep you ever green....Best Advice for Looking Younger and Healthier..
Looking younger is all about how you feel inside. When you reveal your inner health, you bloom with natural beauty and bounce about the world showing a verve for life that conveys a message of youth. How do you enhance your own energy levels and feel healthy? Follow these tips for using skin products, hair products, diet products, exercise products and fashionable clothing.
Skin Products to Look Ten Years Younger and Feel Healthier
To delay aging, start when young to care for your skin. Before you reach the teenage years, start using a light moisturizer on your skin to protect from the effects of sun. Sun protection products like Coppertone, Hawaiian Tropic and Nivea can protect against later skin cancer but also against wrinkles.

When you enter puberty, switch to an oil-free moisturizer for your skin. If you think that because you have so much oil produced by your body during these years that a moisturizer won’t help, you’re wrong. An oil-free moisturizer like Almay’s will replace moisture stripped from your cells by harsh acne treatments, will protect your pores from collecting acne producing dirt and will sop up some of the excess oil.

Using a face powder during these years will also sop up oil and keep the shine off your face.

After adolescence, slowly move from a light moisturizer for normal skin to a deep moisturizer, like Physician’s Formula. Use a hypo-allergenic, non-comeogenic moisturizer to have as little impact on your skin as possible.
Keep makeup to a minimum needed to even out skin tone and highlight your best features. Your best blush is your natural one.

Hair Products to Look Ten Years Younger and Feel Healthier
The truth about hair dye is it is really harsh on your hair.

Nothing makes you look older than to have frayed hair ends and dull tones. A dye such as that helps bring out your natural tones and shine will make you look younger. A trick learned from a hairdresser is to use a semi-permanent dye such as , then touch up with short term herbal remedies that keep the gray covered. As you age, make sure your hair color lightens in an imperceptible way that makes the inevitable acceptance of gray hair natural.

To protect your hair, use a conditioner that is suited to your hair’s oiliness and the amount of chemicals you use on your hair. Products such as that are designed for use with hair color products helps the dye last longer.
Diet Products to Look Younger and Feel Healthier
Adequate sleep and good health will make you look and feel younger. Use StressTab daily vitamin to protect you from loss of vitamins that wash out of your body. Use an iron or mineral supplement if your doctor suggests it. During menopause, using estrogen or soy-products can ensure you get adequate sleep.
Products to Make Your Legs Look Younger and Feel Healthier
Some people have genetic problems with varicose veins and should use support hose like that offered by L’eggs to protect themselves from problems in later life. Most people look younger if they take a walk daily. Flabby or knotty muscles will make you look older. Learn Yoga from x and use the stretched to keep your muscles energized and smooth.
Wear Sports Clothing to Look Younger and Feel Healthier
Sports clothing stretches with your movements, breathes and feels comfortable on your body. Nothing dates a person more than clothing that looks twenty years old, stuffy, or constricting. Make sure your clothing allows you to walk to all the places you want to go.
Wear Glasses with a Tint or Sunglasses to Look Younger and Feel Healthier

Protect your eyes from wrinkles caused by squinting by keeping an up to date prescription lens and using a tinted les or sunglasses to protect from sunlight.
Wear Support Underwear to Look Younger and Feel Healthier
As your waistline bulges and your breasts looking perky, use a bra with adequate support such as Maidenform or and a higher waist swimsuit bottom and underpants, especially ones that offer light support such as those sold at JC Penney . Wear mock turtlenecks to hide neck wrinkles.

Minimize Your Display of Wealth to Look Younger and Feel Healthier.

Nothing says old and settled more than large jewels and big pocket books. If it weighs you down, you look older. And best of all, being uncluttered makes you safer and much more free.
So dress young, act young, think young, move and breathe and let in all the health and energy the world has to offer, this is the best time of your life

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