Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Women’s Day

Make Women’s Day meaningful in 2009.........

How will we as a nation mark International Women’s Day? As in the past with political leaders of all hues paying homage to women, cultural events
being held all over the country, foundation stones being laid for women’s educational institutions and hostels, government announcing a host of new initiatives and so on.

And then ‘when the hurly-burly’s done’, it will be back to business as usual. Women will once again be relegated to the back-burner in our gender-insensitive society. That’s how it has been for the past many years and there is no reason to expect this year to be any different.

Unless we decide, yes we can! We can make it different this year. Along with the celebration, and there is much to celebrate, we must introspect on why is it that despite more than 60 years of independence and some of the most successful women leaders, the average Indian woman still ranks among the most deprived sections of society.

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