Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Relationship protocol..

Alone Time Relationship Good or Bad?.
My friend has been dating her boyfriend for about two and a half years. Over that time, he has basically convinced her that if she really loves him, she'll spend all her spare time with him. At the beginning, I thought it was fine because it was new, but now, he still gets upset and offended if she goes for a night out with the girls (even if it's just dinner and a movie). She ends up having to explain herself and defend her love for him, and it usually results in a fight.

We've talked about it and she told me that he says when two people love each other, they should want to spend all their time together or else it's not "true love." I don't agree, but am I wrong? Isn't it normal to want some alone time or time with your friends without being made to feel like a bad girlfriend? Can you truly love someone and still want some time away from them?

You're not going crazy. It's partly true that when you're in love you probably want to spend all the time in the world with that other person, should you? No. Everyone needs their time, time with family, time with friends, and time alone period. Without that, you lose who you really are as an individual. I gave/am giving my gf her space, and she called me earlier after class and basically told me that me understanding and respecting that she needs some space, and that I was giving her that space made her even more in love with me. Everyone needs their space to be themselves.


Fighting about money?
Near 43 percent of couples fight about money. When you're having to learn to love the simple life again and cut back on your frivolous spending, it's easy to be on edge — especially if your money woes are ruining your sex life!

Of course this recession is affecting everyone differently so tell me, is money a topic of conversation that lends itself to an argument these days?

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