Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weddings trends, Fashion Week preview and more in LifeStyle

Weddings trends, Fashion Week preview and more in March 28's LifeStyle .

Check March 28's LifeStyle for a look at the growing reputation of planned elopements; and the fading tradition of daughters wearing their mother’s wedding dresses.

Also watch for a flashy preview of Edmonton Fashion Week, which takes over the TransAlta Arts Barns April 2 to 9. You'll also find the latest instalment in our Make it a Habit series, looking at ways in which a small amount of money set aside each day can add up to an indulgent monthly reward all year long. Our latest suggestion? Join a gourmet coffee club.

Journal photographer Shaughn Butts is on the hunt for images encouraged by the word “savour” for LifeStyle’s new photo feature, The genesis Project. If the word inspires you, too, upload your photos at Be sure to mention "genesis project" in the caption information.

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