Saturday, March 14, 2009

When you on the job keep your health good & freash.

Good health practice while on the job
following tips you may helpfull....

Balancing calories and optimizing fats.

- Eating your way to better health - a diet for immunity.

- Nutrient-dense foods for better nutrition.

- Shopping smart - getting the facts on nutrition labels.

The Health Department is offering this free program to its employees in March to encourage them to become active and healthy, and be a role model for other residents in the county.

Other employers in Nassau County can do the same for their employees. It does not have to be done by a registered dietitian; all you need is a leader. For example, several of our "Walk 'n' Talks" will be hosted by representatives from various departments such as Healthy Start and Epidemiology.

Benefits to adding a worksite wellness program to your company include:

- A reduction in absenteeism, which is time paid to an employee who is not at work. Chronic diseases and other lifestyle factors play a huge role in this. Teaching employees about the importance of wellness and lifestyle changes would decrease this cost.

- A decrease in presenteeism, which applies to employees who come to work but are not really working. These individuals often cannot afford to miss work, and although they go to work, may not be productive. This, in turn, may cost the company more time and money if deadlines are missed or work has to be corrected.

- Lower health care premiums, which are a major expense for most companies. Letting insurance companies know that worksite wellness programs have been instituted may lead to lower premiums.

It’s not hard at all to achieve a glowing clear skin and all you need is to take care and provide proper cleansing to your skin. The following tips can be very handy to achieve a clear and glowing skin.

keep skin healthy and fresh....

Vitamin C is considered very important for the skin as it helps to reduce spots effectively .You must take such foods as are rich of vitamin C to get a better spotless skin.
Smoke can damage your skin as well as hair and you must avoid smoke filled rooms and other places where smoke is found highly.

High fiber foods can be very handy to keep your skin fresh and glowing

Take low-sugar diets.

Don’t use such foods and beverages as are rich with caffeine.

Say goodbye to fried foods that have trans fatty acids.

Use skimmed milk and use its reasonable amount daily.

Reduce intake of junk foods if you are quite habitual to them.

Consume such diets as are rich with essential minerals and vitamins. You can also take vitamin supplements for this purpose.

Consume such foods as have sufficient amount of zinc. Zinc is considered quite essential for a healthy skin.

Avoid Iodine-rich foods as they can cause acne problems.

Water helps to keep your skin moist. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin fresh and your health good.

Use recommended products for acne cleansing and prevention, to keep your skin clean.

Don’t apply soap on your face regularly and you should use it only below the neck. It’s a small but useful skin care tip.

The outer layer of the skin begins to break when it gets dry that leads to rough and unappealing appearance. Try to keep your skin moist as much as possible to avoid that roughness and unappealing appearance.

If you are facing some skin problem, treat it with care and must consult your doctor before using any skin care products. Sometimes these products make the skin bad to worse.

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