Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love and marriage was supposed to be forever.

When we are single we are so jealous of the couples we see on the streets but as soon as we manage to get a partner, the single life starts to call for us again.


The first reason to break up is jealously. We always fear our partner is going to leave us or is already sleeping with someone else. This is out biggest thought and the nightmare that keeps chasing us day and night. How do we get rid of it? If you cannot trust your partner with your life or you cannot trust her 100% percent just drop her like a stone. She is not worth a single second of your life. You are wasting time with her that could be much better spent with another great girl.

The second reason is money. When you are living with your couple, 70% of arguments will be about money according to Dale Carnegie Book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. If you both cannot manage your money together, you are in serious trouble. One possible solution might be frequenting a seminar about that.

Third reason is the bad sex. If you cannot satisfy your partner sexually or if she cannot satisfy you, you will end that relationship soon or later. Reading a good book or teasing your partner might help it

Forth and last reason is the past. What you partner had done in her past will be something she will carry with her forever and you too and there is no way around.

If your partner was engaged in drugs, prostitution or assaults, you know you will always be one step back with her and always fearing she will lower herself again.
Love looks ideal, but only on the other side of the barrier.
When you cross the river, the green land turns dark, and the land you left, turns green.

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