Saturday, May 1, 2010

eBay’s now in fashion.

When it comes to fashion, eBay has in progress a latest thread. The Fashion Vault, eBay members can now gain exclusive access to high-end
designer fashion and luxury lifestyle brands at wholesale prices.

But you need to be diligent; The Fashion Vault opens its doors to ‘exclusive online events’ from anywhere between 48 - 72 hours at a time. And since items are limited, it’s a ‘first in best dressed’ policy.

This new strategy proves eBay is determined to hitch their wagon to a star, by moving in a new direction from its heritage of garage sale bargains to glitzy current trends.

Just like its successful predecessors, Gilt Group, Rue La and Ideeli (three of the top four ‘private-sale’ players in the U.S) eBay is expected to make wide margins on sales. Even with the economic downturn, according to, the private-sale model is expected to make up a significant portion of the estimated $1 billion a year in online sales of luxury apparel.

And proving that they means business, eBay also recently launched ‘eBay Fashion’, a new enhanced shopping destination for clothing, shoes and accessories. With advanced features and a stylish new look, eBay Fashion delivers a richer, more visual shopping experience that surfaces and showcases the incredible selection of new, vintage, branded and designer merchandise.

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