Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Attitude , Style and fashion.......

It was fashion, style and attitude—good attitude, and for a good reason—as Indigenous Fair Trade + Organic clothing designers presented their Fall line and helped raise awareness for fair trade.

Co-Founder Scott Reynolds put it best when he explained, “At the heart of Indigenous is a truly symbolic relationship, one that mutually benefits all three parties: the consumer, the employee and the planet.”

During a journey through Europe, Matt Reynolds, President and Co-Founder of Indigenous was inspired by the European’s progressive environmental practices. This trip deepened his convictions to involve himself in social and environmentally responsible business.

The long-time friends/entrepreneurs reconnected in the states and started their company
Indigenous Striped Serapein 1995 with an eye towards creating comfortable, practical feminine fashion that epitomizes the relaxed California lifestyle.

Today they have teamed up with nongovernmental agencies in Ecuador, Guatemala, India and Peru and work with “more than 300 knitting cooperatives of women who sew, knit and crochet. We then train and equip these knitting groups to become self-sustainable,” explained Reynolds.

The event/fashion show, held at Agura Sushi in West Hollywood and organized in part by David Lasky Public Relations drew a host of celebrities and Hollywood’s elite.

In attendence were Edin Gali who plays, “Kurt” on “Mad Men” and Anya Benton “Nip/Tuck” who dished with me about their upcoming film, a suspense thriller entitled, “Cornered.” “I play Detective Harper and I’m the comic relief f
Indigenous Capeletor the film,” Gali said. “And I’m the punky-spunky lead .
best friend of the girl who gets kidnapped,” Benton added. The film is currently in production and stars Scott Michael Campbell.

The actors were, of course, at the Indigenous event to show support for the clothing company that, “honors both people and the planet.”

Gali continued, “I’m here supporting Indigenous Design and [the designers] Matt and Scott. I’ve been a client of theirs for a while. I’m from Bosnia, so anything that involves helping somebody or something, I’m in.” Gali admitted that he’s also an avid recycler.

Actor Israel Korn (who has appeared in “Vampire Diaries”) majored in environmental engineering in college and said, “I support anything that is environmentally and eco-friendly. So if you’re environmentally friendly, you will find me there.”

Also in attendance, Rachel Avalon, a holistic nutritionist and the 2009 Project Green Search Winner and Activist. “I’m a big believer in what fair trade is really about. Unfortunately greed has really gotten the best of us and a lot of people are paying a high price for that. The more we can support companies that really honor all people the better.”

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