Saturday, December 4, 2010

Every Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference .

Do you mind spending 3.44 minutes to watch this short video ? =) I think it will mean alot to you too.

It’s a video about the difference between the Heaven and Hell by a Hong Kong artist, Eric Tsang.

If you don’t understand the video, you can always find your friend to translate for you :) LOL I’ve tried translating it but then, I think it would be better if you find your friend to translate for you since my English has gone really bad these days =/

This video really does meant alot to me because it reminds me of how important it is to share with friends, classmates or my family. It is true that you will get more than what you’d gave. This is my personal experience and that is why I’m always happy to share with friends :) But of course, with limit. How could you keep on share things with a friend that only wanted to exploit you? Lol I bet you wouldn’t want to share with him/her sooner or later.

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