Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lifestyle Awards presents by Donga TV 2010 Korea

Lifestyle Awards presents by Donga TV 2010 Korea.
Samsung Electronics won the grand prize in lifestyle at the 2010 Korea Lifestyle Awards

Late legendary fashion designers, Andre Kim and Choi Kyung-ja, were given the year's fashion design contribution award.
The electronics giant won the prize for its smartphone Galaxy S and tablet computer Galaxy Tab in recognition of the products’ enormous influence on communication culture as well as their sales performance this year. The annual awards ceremony is hosted by Donga TV, part of the Herald Media group.

Actor So Ji-sub and actress Lee Min-Jeong were honored as the year’s best dressers. Late legendary fashion designers, Andre Kim and Choi Kyung-ja, were given the year’s fashion design contribution award. F(x), a popular girl group, was honored as the best style icon of the year.
The grand prize in the fashion and design industry was given to Daegu Metropolitan City, for its successful launching of a series of fashion related events and projects this year, including “Daegu Fashion Fair” and “Milan Project.”

Hana Bank won a grand prize for their savings products that offer special benefits to soon-to-be moms.
Restaurant Unamjeong was given the grand prize for food branding for their innovative yet traditional presentation of genuine Korean food. Opened in 2009, the restaurant is well-known among foreigners looking for an introduction to quality Korean cuisine.
JUVIS, a weight-loss institution owned by female CEO Cho Seong-gyeong, was awarded the grand prize as the best company for women. Its free weight-loss service for women and children of low-income families, as well as job creation for women who have specialized in food and nutrition, was highly regarded by the awards committee.

FOREVER 21, an American chain of clothing retailers, was honored as the best fashion brand of the year. Ever since its first Korean branch opened in Seoul in 2008, the brand has been gaining popularity, offering diverse fashion ideas and creative inspirations.

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