Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Obesity a brain condition, not just a lifestyle disorder

It has been stated by a controversial study that weight gain is more likely among people who are poor-decision makers and bad planners.

A link has been found between the executive part of the brain and obesity by researchers from the University of New South Wales following a review of 38 studies that were conducted on obesity and cognitive function. This part of the brain controls a lot like decision-making, planning, achieving goals etc.

They said, “The novel finding, which comes amid growing evidence of a link between obesity and dementia, meant obesity may be better treated partly as a brain condition like anorexia nervosa, rather than a lifestyle disorder.”

Obese people should face a test on cognitive remediation therapy, which helps people understand how they think and teaches them ways of changing it as this will generate a better picture about this link.

There definitely was a link between the two but when it came to whether cognitive deficits were a cause or consequence, nothing was clear.

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