Sunday, March 9, 2008

ABOUT 40,000 pairs of sunglasses with a "vision hazard"

Harzardous sunglasses recall
ABOUT 40,000 pairs of sunglasses with a "vision hazard" have been recalled after being given away free with Marie Claire magazine.

Pacific Magazines, which publishes Marie Claire, voluntarily recalled the brown-coloured sunglasses distributed with the February edition of Marie Claire as part of the magazine's Sunsmart campaign with the Cancer Council, NSW Fair Trading Minister Linda Burney said.

She said the sunglasses did not meet the lens performance requirements of the mandatory Australian safety standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles.

"Testing identified the glasses posed a vision hazard and should have carried a label warning wearers not to use the sunglasses while driving,'' Ms Burney said.

"The sunglasses may affect the visibility of flashing blue light emitting diode (LED) signals and, for those with colour vision deficiencies, they may affect the recognition of green traffic signals.

Ms Burney said the sunglass lenses could also affect people's perception of moving objects.
Magazine readers can receive a black pair of the sunglasses by returning a brown pair to Pacific Magazines.
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