Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trishelle spotting! In 'Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling' ring!

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the cast of CMT's fall reality competition series, Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling. Is it wrong that the person I'm most excited to see is The Real World: Las Vegas' Trishelle Cannatella? Followed by Frank Stallone? Other cast members vying for the title of Celebrity All-Star Wrestling Champion include Danny Bonaduce, Dennis Rodman, Dustin Diamond, Todd Bridges, super-heavyweight boxer Butterbean, former pop star Tiffany, Erin Murphy (Tabitha Stephens on Bewitched), and Playboy playmate Nikki Ziering.

Per the trade, the various challenges wil include, "mastering complex wrestling moves, talking trash and working a live audience." Who will take the title? And who would have thought that this genre of celebreality would still be going strong six years after Fox's Celebrity Boxing?


CMT's "Celebrity Championship Wrestling" - The horror, the horror
The afternoon anger-management group at a discount therapy clinic in the Valley?

The "Do not cash checks from..." list taped to the register at Liquor Mart on the Sunset Strip?

Your losing tickets from the office Dead Pool in 2003?

No, it's the cast of "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling," now taping in Los Angeles for a fall debut on CMT. That parade of assholes and has-beens is joined by bloated boxer ButterBean, Trishelle from "The Real World," the former Tabitha on "Bewitched" and Playmate Nikki Ziering for what promises to be one of the all-time saddest spectacles on the face of television. I'm just surprised they couldn't get Flavor Flav and Johnny Fairplay and Carrot Top .

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