Monday, January 19, 2009

Each and every day new things, discoveries and professions become known

Life Coaching: What It is and What It is Not

The world we are living in is speedily changing, and so is our life. Each and every day new things, discoveries, and professions come into view. One of these comparatively new professions is life coaching. In spite of the fact that it is only about 10 years old, many people still don't know what life coaching is about. What is Life Coaching? What do Life Coaches do? These two questions I hear nearly every day, so I thought it would be good to have my answers in writing. Here are some ideas on it.

If you feel like you are not living up to your potential, the best thing to do is focus on changing a few key aspects of your life, rather than change everything. Not many people, though, know how to change their life, improve the things or get rid of problems. The answer is life coaching.
However, not everyone knows what life coaching is and what a life coach does. A short answer is the following: Coaches work with clients who want a detached partner to help them enhance their lives, improve health or change careers.
Coaching is a modern and rapidly growing method for helping others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, set and achieve goals and manage life change and personal challenges. Life coaching is effective for all situations.
It is different to training. It draws out rather than puts in. It develops rather than imposes. It is non-judgemental and helps people to develop and grow in different areas like: personal; life-change; parenting; self-fulfilment; self-discovery; career; business; success; performance; health; diet; weight management and many other aspects.
So, how does that happen? Rather than actually TELLING someone the answers, a Life Coach helps clients to find the answers themselves. A coach reflects issues back to a client which helps defining strategies and tactics.
One famous Russian psychologist Doctor Kurpatov says, “We have great inner resources, but we have to know how to use them.” Life Coach helps you learn how to use your inner resources.
I can evaluate Life Coaching to the proof reading process. Say, a writer works on a book, he or she creates attractive characters, unusual situations, describes the beauty of the environment and nature, hooks up the reader with the sage events. The writer is like God she or he can do anything to the heroes, put them into a really complex situation or make them fall in love, win a opposition, run the races, be a financial mogul or a bankrupt, be healthy or sick, alive or dead. This is in writer’s power. But… and it happens quite often, while writing a book, an author can make mistakes, like: misspelling, omitting, can create some illogical steps for a nature or even lose a part of a sentence or a page. It happened to me.

This is the work of a proof reader to find all these errors and correct them. The proof reader reads the text and underlines the words or sentences where, as she thinks, the errors are. Also, she makes suggestions on how to correct them and returns the manuscript to the author. The proof reader cannot order or advise the author to correct the errors in a manner like, “You have to make it all right, dude, otherwise nobody will publish your book.” Although, it is true, it is only up to the author whether to make it all right or live it as it is or… chuck it all to the bin.
We all are writers, creators and gods of our own life stories. We create our destiny, fate and unique paths. We choose what to do next, we can rule, lead or let someone else lead us. We choose to be happy, healthy and well off or quite to the contrary. We can have changes and we choose which changes we want. And sometimes we need proof readers to show us the mistakes that have been done and can be corrected. Life Coaches do that. They do not advice or order to make the changes, they simply point out the things which can be corrected.
As time goes on, the coach helps you continually focus on your goals and keeps you on track until you reach them. This is where life coaching has an advantage over other personal development methods. Coaching is individual and continuing, so you get one to one, long term guidance and support.

However, the coach is not a counsellor or therapist but someone who gives you a different slant on things and helps you focus on your own solutions. As a result, they equip you with techniques that help you solve your problems long after coaching has stopped.

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