Friday, March 27, 2009

Google is to lay off 200 staff from its global sales and marketing operation

About 100 redundancies to come from Google's US operation
About 100 of the job cuts will come from the US operation of Google, which has its global headquarters in California, according to a report in the New York Times.
The US company, which has now made three rounds of lay-offs from its global workforce of more than 20,000 this year, announced the latest cuts on its official blog late yesterday.
"Google has grown very quickly in a very short period of time," said the Google senior vice-president of global sales and business development, Omid Kordestani. "When companies grow that quickly it's almost impossible to get everything right and we certainly didn't. In some areas we've created overlapping organisations which not only duplicate effort but also complicate the decision-making process. That makes our teams less effective and efficient than they should be. In addition, we over-invested in some areas in preparation for the growth trends we were experiencing at the time."
Kordestani said that the company recognised that "the recession makes the timing even more difficult for the Googlers concerned."
"We did look at a number of different options but ultimately concluded that we had to restructure our organisations in order to improve our effectiveness and efficiency as a business," he added. "We will give each person time to try and find another position at Google, as well as outplacement support, and provide severance packages for those who leave the company."

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