Wednesday, November 25, 2009

live a longer and healthier lifeMaking healthier ,choices,better life

live a longer and healthier lifeMaking healthier choices for a better life..........

Making healthy choices is the key ingredient to living a long and healthy life. To a large extent, we have control over how healthy our bodies remain throughout our lifetime. simple ways to stay healthy and add years to your life.

Breathe Fresh Air.

Drink More Water.

Sleep Between 6-7 hours Every Night.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables.

Restrict Alcohol Consumption.

Eat High Fiber Foods Daily.

Exercise Daily.

There are several important question people can ask themselves to help them live a longer and healthier life.

How many hours are you working a week? How much sleep are you getting? What time do you exercise if you do? What are the barriers for you living a healthy lifestyle?

You should also cook rather than eating out. Get eight hours of sleep and eliminate stress.

You need to eat a diet that rich and fruits and vegetables, high in fiber, low in saturate fats. I need to exercising at least five times a weeks.

These are simple life changes you can start to work on now to make big changes in health as you get older. be happy..& good luck..

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