Tuesday, November 30, 2010

launched a lifestyle magazine by Vodafone

Vodafone Qatar has launched a lifestyle magazine, VOX.
VOX packs everything that’s hot in Qatar and beyond into 80 pages of lifestyle, travel, fashion and fun and is available in both English and Arabic.
Published bi-monthly beginning December 2010, VOX will have local and international writers, photographers and stylists mixing it up for each issue with local fashion and cover shots.
“VOX brings fun and excitement into peoples’ lives through a free bi-monthly magazine developed by Vodafone to make a world of difference for all people in Qatar,” says Vodafone business unit director Daniel Horan.
Packed with revealing interviews, real life stories, fashion features and the latest Vodafone product and service news, VOX is where Qatar discovers fun, excitement and everything that’s new from Vodafone.
The big difference between VOX and other magazines is that VOX shoots its cover and fashion editorials right here in Qatar using local models and photographers.
“The all-new VOX is proof of Vodafone’s commitment to the people of Qatar. VOX reflects the self-confidence of Qatar,” adds Daniel Horan.
“As a part of developing local talent in the country, we have been working with the local community including fashion students, photographers, and writers to give them an opportunity to personally contribute and grow their talent,” says VOX’s editor Kimberly Fisher Horan.
The magazine is available at coffee shops, shopping malls, hotels, bookshops and restaurants across Doha.

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