Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonder vitamin A

Health benefits of Vitamin A.....

Wonder According to a recent study, Vitamin A has a greater role to play in the human body than you can think of. It is very essential nutrient that one should derive from food.
Scientists have found that Vitamin A may play a more direct role than was previously known in certain physiological functions including sperm cell formation and the development of the central nervous system.
Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) investigators came to the conclusion after mapping the structure and function of the so-called “orphan” nuclear receptor TR4.

The research has actually summarized what has long been known in the medical field. The further blocks of Vitamin A like the retinoic and retinal acids play a very essential role in the physiological functions of the human body.

“Recent evidence has shown that orphan nuclear receptors are required for many essential physiological functions in the human body, and can be used to help discover drug targets for human diseases”, said VARI Research Scientist Edward Zhou, Ph. D. It can even help in the treatment of diabetes. On a long term basis, it can even help in the development of the embryo in a pregnant woman.

Vitamin A is a very essential nutrient in the human body and it should be taken in good amounts.

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