Friday, April 1, 2011

The world met Snooki.

Snooki brings Jersey Shore lifestyle to York's Pullo Center..

And on Tuesday night, 700 people got to see Snooki at the Pullo Center at Penn State York. It was part of a question-and-answer-and-dance-lesson-and-hair-poof-seminar of sorts. In essence, it was "Welcome to the world of Snooki, York."
Nicole - she said during her show she grows tired of people only shouting out "Snooki" - can't believe her fame, either.
"I don't have talent. I don't dance or anything," she told the crowd. "I'm blessed."
Afterward, she defended herself from critics of her quick rise to fame.
"We're lucky. Our show blew up and I never knew it was going to happen," she said. "It could have flopped, it could have been the most embarrassing thing in the world. I kind of took a risk. We're lucky with what happened to the show."
Her fans on hand were practically squealing with excitement, even as several said they weren't even quite sure what exactly they expected Snooki to do during the show.
"I like it when she's drunk and doing cartwheels," said Erin Phelan, 18, a Frederick, Md., high schooler who drove up with friends. "It's Snooki. Why would you not want to come?"
Friends Nicole Whitehead and Nicole Toomey, 17-year-olds from Manchester, spent a week preparing homemade outfits declaring their adoration for their namesake reality star.
"Our whole school knows our obsession," joked Toomey.
"She's just so much fun!" added Whitehead.
And then there were the guys who were just hoping the diminutive celebrity might notice them.
"I'll see if she likes this area," Red Lion's Travis Weissinger, 17, said with a laugh. "I've never

The show, on for three seasons, follows the lives of several self-professed "guidos and guidettes" as they spend summers anywhere from New Jersey to Miami to, starting next season, Italy.
Nicole has parlayed those 15 minutes of fame into a book - she's a New York Times bestselling author - a fashion line of her animal-print slippers, and speaking engagements around the country.
"I never thought I'd write a book ever in my life ... I was like, 'Let's write a freaking novel,'" she said.
Tuesday's topics stayed all on gossip and behind-the-scenes questions.
Among Nicole's responses, which would be familiar to any Jersey Shore lover:
** She's never dating castmate Vinnie. "He's pale and has no muscles!"
** On fashion, "You'll always look hot in animal print."
** On dancing, she recommends doing her "tree branch" move of doing lots of flowing arm movements. She also showed some male audience members how to "beat up the beat," the famed dance move by Pauly D, Ronnie, the Situation and Vinnnie.
** On the realness of the reality show: "You can't make that (obscenity) up. It's all real." She added anyone on that kind of show should "be prepared to show the world all of you. Your angry days, your sad days."
** Her nickname is from a "Save the Last Dance" movie character, a DJ named Snooki.
Afterward, Nicole sat at a desk, ready for a meet-and-greet with fans while E! "True Hollywood Story" filmed footage for their show.

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